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Xfinity Router Blinking Orange: Meaning & How to Fix! (SOLVED!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: December 24, 2022
6 min read

The lights on your Xfinity router are excellent indicators of its current state and the network it is connected to. Knowing what they mean can help you fix the problem (if there is any) in no time.

Here is what a blinking orange light on the Xfinity router means and how you can fix it.

Why Is My Xfinity Router Blinking Orange?

Your Xfinity router blinking orange indicates that it is undergoing a firmware upgrade. Do not power off the router during this time. If after 15 minutes and the light continues to blink orange, you should unplug the router, wait for one minute, and plug it back in. This will reset the device.

Xfinity routers come with indicator lights that stipulate the device’s status. For instance, a steady red light means the router cannot connect to the Internet, while a steady white indicates the device is on.

Meanwhile, a blinking orange light signifies that the Xfinity router firmware update is in progress. The light is flickering to show that the device is currently busy. This should stop once the upgrade is finished.

While the firmware is updating, you should not turn off your Xfinity router. You want those updates to be installed so your device will perform its duties well. 

This way, the Xfinity router can communicate well with the Comcast network. Updated firmware also helps protect your connection against hackers.

While you want the router firmware update to be completed, a blinking orange light that lasts for a long time can mean something is wrong. More often than not, this happens because the device has trouble connecting to the Internet.

Sometimes, the problem lies with the firmware or software itself.

Possible Reasons & How To Fix: (Step-By-Step)

The following are some of the possible reasons your Xfinity router is displaying a blinking orange light and how you can fix them. 

1. Ongoing Firmware Update

If your Xfinity router is blinking orange, this simply means that it is updating its firmware. Upgrades like these are critical to ensure that your device is functioning efficiently. They also fix bugs and issues that may be affecting your router.

While the upgrade is happening, you should never turn off your Xfinity router. This will only lead to damaging the device and corrupting the software being installed.

You only need to wait for the firmware update to be completed. This usually takes at least 15 minutes. 

Your Xfinity router should get back to functioning normally once the upgrade is done.

2. Service Outage

A service outage may be one of the reasons why the light of your Xfinity router is blinking orange. There are several ways to check if there is an Internet outage in your area.

If you still have access to the Internet, you need to log in to your Xfinity account and click “Support.” Navigate to the “View Status Center” and see if your connection is working or not.

If there is an outage, you should click “Chat” and talk with an Xfinity representative to report the service issue.

You may also use the Xfinity app to check for service outages in your area. Just log in to your account and tap on “My Network.” An orange circle means there is an outage, while a green one indicates that your router is back online.

3. Restart/Reset Needed

Your Xfinity router continuing to blink orange after the prescribed update time means that something went wrong during the process. You may need to restart the modem and perform a soft or hard reset.

To restart your router, you should log in to your Xfinity account and click “Support.” Tap on “Restart Device.” This will result in your router going offline for a while.

Once your device reconnects with the servers, the orange light should disappear. If the blinking light stays, it could mean that a firmware upgrade has started again.

Wait a bit and see if the upgrade will be completed this time.

If the light in your Xfinity router continues to blink orange, you may need to reset it completely. You have two options – soft or hard reset.

You may perform a soft reset if you think the firmware update is stuck at a certain point. To do this, you need to unplug both the router and modem. After a few minutes, plug the modem back in.

Check the lights on the modem and determine if the connection is fully active. After this, plug in the router. Check if the orange light is gone. 

If it is, the firmware upgrade may still be ongoing. If not, the update is already complete.

If soft resetting your router does not solve the problem, you may need to perform a hard reset.

To do this, you need to press the router’s reset button. Hold it down for several seconds until the device reboots. Keep in mind that if you do this, any firmware upgrades that may be ongoing will be erased.

4. Not Meeting System Requirements

If it is your first time to own and use an Xfinity router and the light is blinking orange after set up, you should check if your equipment meets the minimum system requirements.

These requirements vary depending on the Xfinity router model that you have. For instance, the operating system commonly needed is either a mainstream Microsoft OS or an Apple-supported OS. 

If your equipment does not meet the requirements of the Xfinity router, it will not work efficiently. More often than not, you will be experiencing slow speeds and weak signals.

You should not worry. Upgrading your equipment should solve this issue with compatibility.

5. Wireless Connection Issues

The blinking orange light on your Xfinity router may be due to issues with your wireless connection. This results in your device's frequent disconnection from the network.

You can resolve this setback by connecting your router using an Ethernet cable.

Most Xfinity routers come with an Ethernet cable included in the package so you do not need to buy one separately. 

You must first unplug all cables and wires from your router before connecting the Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to the device, then the other one to the modem.

Afterward, plug back all the wires into their respective ports and connect the router and modem to the power outlet. Wait a few minutes, then check if you have an Internet connection.

If the light is still blinking orange, there may be a problem with the modem or router itself. 

6. Loose Cables

Loose wires or damaged cables may result in your Xfinity router blinking orange. 

There are times when you might have unintentionally disconnected your router cables when cleaning or moving the device. This will inevitably result in connection problems.

Cuts along the cable and extreme bends or kinks may also trigger your Xfinity router to start blinking orange.

Likewise, moisture forming in the wall jack can break the connection between the router and the network.

Solving these setbacks is quite easy. You should inspect your device for loose cables. If there are any, just plug them back in. For damaged cables, you should replace them immediately.

You should also routinely clean the ports with a micro-fiber cloth and ensure that the connections are tight.

7. Faulty Splitter

If the light of your Xfinity router is blinking orange, you may want to inspect the splitter for wear and tear. This is a common failure point that people overlook when checking for causes of connectivity issues.

A splitter is a small mechanism used to distribute Internet signals to other devices, such as your modem or television. If it gets damaged, this could affect your Internet connection.

If the splitter is broken, you must replace it. If it is not, simply clean the gadget and plug it in again.

You may also want to consider foregoing the use of a splitter and plugging the main internet cable directly into your router.

8. Overheating Device

If you do not find any issues with wireless connection, cables, or splitter, you should check your Xfinity router for overheating. 

Overheating commonly happens when you place your device in a corner with no ventilation. This causes it to malfunction, which then affects your network connectivity.

You should place your router away from physical obstructions. Do not cover it with a cloth either. 

In the unlikely event that none of the above solutions work and you are still unable to get rid of the blinking orange light on your router, it is time to reach out to Xfinity customer support for further assistance.

You may contact them via live chat using your online account or call them at 1-800-XFINITY.

Xfinity's support team will guide you through the steps of setting up your router correctly. If need be, they may send a technician to you to fix the issue.

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Jamey Muller
I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.