Brand Design Mastery Review: Worth It In 2024? (Maybe!)

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Brand Design Mastery
A well structured online course that helps you land clients with a full branding solution.


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This is the ultimate Brand Design Mastery review for 2024. 

I share my own insights after having been a student of Flux Academy for 3 years.

If you want to know: 

  • How Brand Design Mastery is different from other courses
  • How long it will take you to get results
  • If the course is still worth it in 2024

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Review: Is Brand Design Mastery Worth It?

Brand Design Mastery is definitely worth the investment. You will not only get expert insights on strategy and design, but also personalized coaching and feedback to help implement what you learned. If you are a web designer looking to add branding to your list of services, this is the ideal course for you.

  • In-depth instructional videos from three experts
  • Access to tried-and-tested templates and resources
  • Certification upon course completion
  • Premium price (but worth it)

Overall Rating:


Value for Money:


$695 regular price, $595 with discount (30-days no-questions-asked refund policy).

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About Brand Design Mastery


Looking for a comprehensive, self-paced course on professional brand design? Look no further than the Brand Design Mastery! 

Led by three experts in web design – Ran Segall, Rachel Hurry, and Matt Brunton – you'll learn how to deliver outstanding brand design services to your clients.

This course offers a perfect balance of theory and practice, including 12 hours of video content featuring principles, demos, and real-world examples. You'll also have access to tried-and-tested templates for proposals and creative presentations that you can use for your projects.

Joining the course also gives you access to weekly coaching sessions and the Flux community of professional designers for 12 months.

By the end of the course, you'll have mastered the complete professional process from start to finish, enabling you to deliver high-quality brand identity design and charge accordingly. Plus, upon completion, you'll receive a certification.

Ready to create more value for your clients and increase your earnings per project? The Brand Design Mastery is the program for you.

Brand Design Mastery is one of six web design courses of Flux Academy. I have published reviews of all six of them: Webflow Masterclass review, Standout Portfolio in 7 Days review, 6 Figure Freelance Designer review, Web Design Pro review, and Core Design Skills review.

About Ran Segall

Ran Segall, founder of Flux Academy, is an expert web designer with extensive experience in working with small businesses, tech startups, and non-profit organizations. 

He's also a popular figure in the web design industry, with over half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he has uploaded more than 1.5k videos.

Looking to improve your web design skills? Check out Ran's online school, Flux Academy, which offers a range of web design courses, including the highly popular Brand Design Mastery program.

Brand Design Mastery
A well structured online course that helps you land clients with a full branding solution.

Overall rating

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Get lifetime access to the Brand Design Mastery course for a one-time payment of $695, with no subscriptions or hidden fees. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with the 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Or, you can avail the three-month payment plan of $278. 

If you opt for the full-payment option, you can save a total of $139. So, it's definitely worth considering.

Purchasing is easy and convenient, with Flux Academy accepting payments through PayPal or Stripe. After your purchase, an email will be sent to you shortly.

Keep an eye out for occasional coupons, like the current $100 discount, which can significantly lower the course price from $695 to $595.

Course Structure

The Brand Design Mastery is an online course that lets you offer a full branding solution to your next big client. 

If you are looking to expand your services and increase your earning potential, then this is the program for you.

Brand Design Mastery
A well structured online course that helps you land clients with a full branding solution.

Overall rating

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Chapter 1: Welcome

  • Course Overview And How To Make The Best Of It (1:01)
  • Course Project & Certification (8:11)
  • Introduction To Instructors (2:18)

In this chapter, Ran will give you an overview of the entire course. You'll meet your instructors, learn their expectations and requirements, and receive instructions on your course projects. Plus, you'll get guidelines on how to receive your certifications.

Chapter 2: Closing A Brand Design Project

  • The Value Of a Strategic Brand Design Process (2:08)
  • The Discovery Call (11:35)
  • Pricing & Scope (16:56)
  • Proposals & Negotiation (9:36)

This chapter will focus on the discovery and sales process of a branding project. 

Ran will show you how to transform a company's essence into a strong, memorable, and standout brand identity. You'll learn how to create a visual exterior that aligns with a company's internal vision and values, as well as how to implement competitive pricing. 

Additionally, there are tried-and-tested templates you can use to write proposals and negotiate effectively.

Chapter 3: Strategy

  • Understanding & Developing Brand Strategy (66:48)
  • Defining Business Purpose: Vision & Mission (3:27)
  • Defining Customer Persona
  • Defining Market Position
  • Finding The Big Idea
  • How To Run a Successful Strategy Session
  • Developing The Strategy & Gaining Insight
  • Presenting The Strategy
  • Strategy Case Studies
  • Homework Assignment

In this stage, Ran will show you how to run a strategy session to uncover the big idea behind your client’s brand.

You'll learn how to create a unique identity that aligns with your customer's vision and mission as a business entity. 

And if you're looking for more resources to explore, the course includes recommended case studies for your perusal.

Chapter 4: Creative Direction In Branding

  • What is Creative Direction? (15:28)
  • Finding Inspiration & Doing Research (31:17)
  • Designing Moodboards (4:45)
  • Presenting Moodboards To Clients (3:55)
  • Creative Direction Case Studies (9:46)
  • Homework Assignment (9:03)

In this chapter, your instructor Rachel will guide you on how to kickstart the creative part of your project. 

You'll learn how to find the best resources, gather inspiration, and establish a solid creative direction for your brand identity projects. Plus, Rachel will teach you how to design and present moodboards. 

And for additional readings, you can explore the case studies on creative direction included in your packet.

Chapter 5: Designing Logos

  • What Makes a Good Logo (15:13)
  • Logo Types & Terms (9:22)
  • Sketching Ideas (4:26)
  • Vector Techniques For Logos (7:03)
  • Refining The Logo And Composition (15:44)
  • Logo Case Studies (5:52)
  • Homework Assignment (4:41)

In this chapter, you will focus on logo design. You'll learn how to design a logo and create a complete identity design system with color, type, and imagery. You'll also get to read logo case studies from actual designers for inspiration on your next project.

Chapter 6: Designer A Visual Identity

  • Developing a Design Concept
  • Working With Type
  • Working With Color
  • Broadening Your Identity Design
  • Applying The Brand Online & Offline: Doing Mockups
  • Putting It All Together: The Presentation
  • Handling Feedback
  • Visual Identity Case Studies
  • Homework Assignment

In this stage, you'll apply what you've learned by creating a brand identity design. You'll choose one of the three briefs provided and develop a concept design, as well as create mockups. 

You'll also learn how to handle feedback effectively and improve your skills with the support of the Flux team.

Chapter 7: Delivering The New Brand

  • Wrapping Up The Project (3:25)
  • Creating Brand Guidelines (5:03)
  • Delivering Files And Assets (3:06)
  • Homework Assignment (4:00)

Chapter 7 focuses on adding final touches to your branding project. You will receive feedback on your work and learn how to meet your client's expectations. 

You will also deliver the necessary files and complete the final homework assignments.

Chapter 8: Advanced Branding Topics

  • Brand Architecture (4:47)
  • Naming (6:49)
  • Rebranding (5:41)

Aside from the comprehensive lessons throughout the course, there are also valuable discussions on advanced branding topics like brand architecture, naming, and rebranding.

This knowledge will come in handy as you grow your branding services and take on more projects.

Brand Design Mastery
A well structured online course that helps you land clients with a full branding solution.

Overall rating

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Chapter 9: Conclusion & What’s Next

  • Getting your certification (15:16)
  • What’s next? (3:15)

The last part of the Brand Design Mastery course is all about getting your certification. Once you finish the course, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to attract your ideal clients and create outstanding brand identity designs that will help you earn big.

Who Is Brand Design Mastery Best For?

Learn how to provide comprehensive branding solutions to clients and increase your rates with this course. It's suitable for anyone interested in expanding their services and improving their branding skills.

If you're a web designer looking to offer brand design as an additional service, this course is a great fit for you.

Graphic and product designers can also benefit from the course. It equips you with the tools you need to sell and execute complete branding projects, and collaborate with larger clients.

Who Shouldn’t Take Brand Design Mastery?

Brand Design Mastery is perfect for those interested in mastering the art of creating distinctive and valuable brand design projects for clients.

If you're looking for a course that's more centered on web design, check out Flux Academy's Web Design Pro or Webflow Masterclass.

How Is Brand Design Mastery Different?

This course goes deep into the branding process, covering strategy, creative direction, and execution. You'll learn from three industry experts and gain valuable insights into how other professionals work.

Each video lesson provides clear, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. You'll see your instructors in action with real-time demos, and there are hands-on exercises to help you practice what you've learned.

After completing the course project, you'll receive certification from Flux Academy. You'll also join a community of over 6,000 designers from around the world, where you can make lifelong friends and potential partners to take your design career to the next level.

Once you sign up for Brand Design Mastery, you'll have lifetime access to the course videos and materials. The program is entirely self-paced, so you can take your time completing it.

Brand Design Mastery
A well structured online course that helps you land clients with a full branding solution.

Overall rating

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How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Brand Design Mastery is a flexible, self-paced course that you can complete on your own schedule. As you work through the video lessons, you'll see your progress and receive feedback from Flux Academy coaches.

You'll also have the opportunity to participate in live coaching sessions and peer reviews, which will help you refine your skills even further.

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