ZipTraderU Course Review: Worth It In 2023? (Solved!)

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One of my favorite trading courses with lots of actionable advice, enabling beginners to quickly take action.


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ZipTraderU is an online day trading course created by Charlie “ZipTrader”.

In this article, I’ll explain what you have to know before purchasing ZipTraderU and who I’d recommend the course to.

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Review: Is ZipTraderU Worth It?

All in all, I find the course to be well worth it at $449 for all beginner traders. Charlie doesn’t only offer a course but also a private, well-moderated chat, and morning briefings. He does a good job in explaining the basics and giving actionable advice, enabling beginners to quickly take action.

  • Easy to follow
  • Very actionable
  • Relative cheap
  • A little basic at times

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What Is the ZipTraderU Course?

ZipTraderU is an online day trading course created by Charlie “ZipTrader”.

According to Charlie, the course is meant to “destroy the learning curve” day trading comes with. 

When you join ZipTraderU you gain access to 55 video tutorials (9+ hours), Charlie’s private chat, and his morning briefings.

The course is one of the most popular day trading courses with its private discord having more than 30.000 members.

But is the course really worth the $499, or are you better of watching Charlie’s free videos on YouTube?

Who Is ZipTrader?

ZipTrader, or Charlie, is an American day trading YouTuber.

He joined YouTube in 2007 and to this day his channel has gained more than 58 Million views. Today ZipTrader is one of the most popular day trading channels on YouTube, he's averaging around 70.000 views per video which is impressive, considering Charlie uploads a new video almost every day.

Charlie is very private about his lifestyle, he doesn't upload any real-life videos, and not a lot about his personal life is known by the online community.

ZipTraderU Course Pricing & Discounts

ZipTraderU can be purchased at a one-time fee of $499, this grants you lifetime access to all ZipTraderU resources and future updates within the course.

Compared to most other trading courses this is on the low-end, especially considering you get access to his private chat and his morning briefings. Many other day traders like Humbled Trader, or Steven Dux, either charge a monthly subscription fee or sell their course for thousands of dollars.

The most similar day trading course to ZipTraderU is Learn Plan Profit 2.0 in my opinion. Ricky Gutierrez sells Learn Plan Profit for $499, so the same price as Charlie.

I go more in-depth on the differences between LPP and ZipTraderU later in this article, if you're interested in the differences between the two courses.

Different from most other day traders Charlie doesn’t have any up-sells, so this isn’t a “foot in the door” pricing technique. This is Charlie’s only online program he sells and you have everything included with it at a one-time price.

Currently, Charlie offers a $174.65 discount.

In contrast to most other online courses, Charlie doesn't offer a money-back guarantee.

“Due to the nature of the product all sales are final. Within the modules, I reveal a lot of sensitive information that can't be unseen or unlearned. This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property contained within this course.”

ZipTraderU Curriculum

The ZipTraderU course consists of 15 modules.

  1. Welcome!
  2. Getting Started
  3. Using Your Broker
  4. Beginning Chart Analysis
  5. Making Trades Using Indicators & Patterns
  6. Smart Trading Techniques
  7. Fundamentals: What They Tell Us & How To USE them
  8. Biotech Toolbox
  9. ETF Toolbox
  10. Value Dipping (Multi-Day, Multi-Week, Multi-Month)
  11. Due Diligence
  12. Course Aids & Useful Files
  13. Scanners Setup: ThinkOrSwim
  14. Closing Remarks
  15. Bonus Module: How Do Options Work?

The 15 modules consist of 76 lessons, 55 of these lessons are videos.

Most videos are between 2-25 minutes long, and in total, the videos add up to about 9.5 hours of total video time.

The Main Topic of the Course

Charlie, as you probably know, is a day trader so this course is focusing on short-term trading.

When he's looking to buy or sell he always looks for confirmation and validation. This means that he's looking for indicators to move in a specific direction, so if the price is moving above or below the Moving Average for example that would give him confirmation/validation.

This concept is based on elevating and deprecating factors, so good and bad factors. Charlie basically ads them up and then makes the decision of whether to trade the stock or not.

Some of those factors, or indicators, he uses regularly are the Moving Average, Volume, MACD, and RSI.

I'd say that this kind of technical analysis is the main topic of the course. If you're someone who doesn't like technical analysis and rather focus your attention on what the company actually does, this course might not be the best for you.

If you're unsure whether you like this type of trading I'd suggest watching some of Charlie's YouTube videos.

It's important to note here that this course focuses on level 1 technical analysis, so it stays pretty basic throughout the whole course, you won't find fibonacci retracements in the course for example.

ZipTraderU Discord

The discord and the morning briefings are probably the best most valuable when you get ZipTraderU.

You get a link to join the discord in the first module on the course. This is what you see when joining the discord.

The discord is set-up very nicely and well-moderated.

Below is a morning briefing from February 10, 2022.

Charlie is very active in the discord and shares insights regularly.

5 Things I Liked About the Course

  1. Charlie's methods are pretty easy to understand and replicate. His way of trading is surprisingly simple once you got the hang of it. If you're a beginner this course will be a good introduction to technical analysis.
  2. The course is structured very well. I found it easy to follow Charlie and I liked his style of teaching.
  3. The morning briefings alone might be worth the full cost of the course. Charlie essentially gives you a daily newsletter of what is going on in the market, what stocks have catalysts, and what Charlie's take on everything is.
  4. The private chat (hosted on discord) is great. It's well-moderated and contains a lot of very valuable information. There is close to no spam, which if you were ever part of a trading discord before, there usually is a lot of.
  5. At the end of the course there is a lesson called “Student Prepared Course Notes (256 Pages)”. One student of ZipTraderU summarized the whole course (with screenshots) in a pdf (on 256 pages). I have taken a lot of online courses already and have never seen anything like this before. I love the idea of this, when I watched the course I always had this document open in a second window and after watching the video I went through the notes. This was a great way to make sure I understood everything and it helped me memorize everything better.

3 Things I Didn’t Like About the Course

  1. As mentioned above Charlie is very focused on technical analysis. While this can be a good thing if you're into technical analysis the course is very limited when you think about the grand picture of trading.
  2. Almost no information on trade tracking & journaling. While there is a trade journal to download there is very few information on this matter in the course. I personally think this is one of the most important things to do when you start trading and would have appreciated if Charlie dedicated at least one module to trade tracking & journaling.
  3. Charlie very much sticks to the basics of technical analysis in this course. If you're more of an advanced trader and want to learn level 2 chart analysis this isn't the course for you.

Are the Videos in the Course Different From His Free YouTube Videos?

Yes, while not all information in this course is exclusive, a majority of the course content can’t be found on Charlie’s YouTube content.

However, the best thing about the course are not some secret and exclusive tactics but rather that the videos are ordered and you can go through them step-by-step.

On YouTube, when you start to learn day trading you’ll often find yourself jumping from one video to the next video, as every video starts like this: “If you haven’t watched this video yet go watch it first”. In the course this won’t happen, Charlie walks you through the course step-by-step, and you learn day trading in a structured way.

I wouldn't worry if you can find some information this course offers for free on YouTube, the real value this course brings are the structure and the private chat.

Who Is the ZipTraderU Course Best For?

It's best for beginners that want to learn day trading. As Charlie is so focused on technical analysis I wouldn't recommend the course to anyone who doesn't like indicators.

If you like technical analysis and indicators (or at least don't hate it) and want to learn the basic concepts of day trading in a structured way this course is a good choice.

Before buying the course I'd recommend you watch some ZipTrader YouTube videos (if you haven't done so) to make sure you like Charlie's style of teaching and can follow him.

I heard some people saying that they feel like he's shouting at them and didn't enjoy his course for this reason. If you're one of those people maybe check out some other trading courses as this won't create a good learning atmosphere for you.

Learn Plan Profit vs. ZipTraderU

If you have read my Learn Plan Profit 2.0 review before you have probably noticed that I say similar things about the two courses.

That's because both courses very much focus on technical analysis and are also in the same price range.

So you might ask yourself now which of the two is better?

I honestly think both courses are good choices.

If you're reading this review it likely means that you follow Charlie on YouTube, if that's the case I'd recommend you to get his course. You probably enjoy Charlie's way of teaching and already know a little about his style of trading and his methods, which means that it'll be easier for you to follow his course.

One little advantage I see for Charlie's course is his morning briefings. While Ricky also does some morning live streams they're not as in-depth and regular as Charlies.

Is the ZipTraderU Course Worth the Money?

I'd say so, yes. While $499 certainly isn't cheap for an online course, it's relatively cheap when you compare it to other day trading courses.

The best thing about this course are the morning briefings in my opinion. Those alone are probably already worth the full price of the course.

While with most other online courses updates are not guaranteed Charlie goes the extra step and guarantees morning briefings through 2024, which is reassuring.

“Morning briefings guaranteed through 2024, though likely subject to further extension.”

All in all, I find the course to be well worth it, if you can get ZipTraderU for a discount the course becomes an even better deal.

ZipTraderU Course Review

All in all, I find the course to be well worth it at $499 for all beginner traders. Charlie doesn’t only offer a course but also a private, well-moderated chat, and morning briefings. He does a good job in explaining the basics and giving actionable advice, enabling beginners to quickly take action.

Note: You can click here to get an overview of what’s included in ZipTraderU, or read my full in-depth review of the course above. If you decide to buy the course you can use this link to save $174.65.


Is ZipTrader legit?

Yes, ZipTrader is legit. Some people might call him a scammer because he sells an online course, however, there’s no reason to believe any of these allegations.

What's ZipTraders Net Worth?

There are only estimates of ZipTraders net worth and no official, verified numbers. I'd estimate that his net worth is somewhere in the range of 2-5 Million Us Dollars.

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