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Humbled Trader Community Review: Worth It In 2023? (Solved!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: January 29, 2023
11 min read

Humbled Trader recently opened her own trading community called HT Community.

In this article, I’ll explain what you have to know before buying the Humbled Trader Community and if the community is worth it in 2023 (Spoiler: It is!).

Humbled Trader announced that she will increase her membership pricing on Feb. 1, 2023. Use this link to get the community membership for the old price.

Humbled Trader Community Review
Course Quality
star-rating-Humbled Trader Community Review
Course Comprehensiveness
star-rating-Humbled Trader Community Review
Quality of Eduation
star-rating-Humbled Trader Community Review
star-rating-Humbled Trader Community Review
All in all, I find the community to be well worth it at $1490. Humbled Trader doesn't only offer a course but also an exclusive, well-moderated community, and weekly webinars. She gives actionable advice that will help beginner and intermediate traders cut the steep learning curve trading comes with.
star-rating-Humbled Trader Community Review

Who is Humbled Trader?

Shay, better known as Humbled Trader, is a Canadian day and swing trader.

She first gained popularity through her YouTube channel. In less than 4 years of making youtube videos, she reached 850.000 subscribers.

Shay’s motto is to stick away from all the Lambos, the luxury travel, and partying you usually see on trading channels.

Instead, she wants to show her audience that trading and investing in the stock market is hard. Her audience loves her for that approach to trading.

Combined with the fact that she’s one of the only female traders on youtube, it’s no wonder that her youtube channel took off and quickly became one of the most popular days and swing trading channels on youtube.

She first started trading back in 2014, and while she struggled to be profitable at the beginning, today, she trades full-time from home and has an estimated net worth of more than 1 Million US Dollars.

Humbled Trader Community Pricing

The Humbled Trader Community can be purchased at an annual fee of $1490, this grants you access for one year and includes all updates of the course for one year.

In November of 2021 Humbled Trader released the HT Academy. The Academy was a one-time fee of $1490. In February of 2022, she reopened her HT Community which now includes her HT Academy and more.

I got a bit confused about which product includes what so I reached out to the HT support team:

Basically, we only offer one product now and it's called Humbled Trader Community. It is an Annual Membership subscription that includes access to all of our membership features including the Academy, trading chatroom, and more.
Daniel (HT Admin)

The enrollment to the Community was closed from November 2021 to February 2022.

If you subscribed to the old Community on a monthly basis it was $139/month, by subscribing on a yearly basis you were able to reduce the monthly cost to $104. This means that the yearly cost of the old Community came to $1668 (or $1248 if you subscribed to a yearly plan).

The old community didn't include the HT Academy, which the new Community includes.

In case you don't like the Humbled Trader Community they do offer a refund if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have to request a refund within 10 days from the date of your purchase.
  2. You have only accessed the first two chapters of the Humbled Trader Community.

You can find the full refund terms here.

Are There Any Discounts for the Humbled Trader Community?

Humbled Trader usually doesn't run any discounts for the Humbled Trader Community.

I update this article on a regular basis and check for coupon codes, if there's a discount available I link it in the box below.

Note: If you ever find a better deal, send me a message, and I'll update the link.

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Note: If there are no active discounts you'll be redirected to the Humbled Trader Community homepage.

Everything Included in the Humbled Trader Community

When you first come to the Humbled Trader’s website, it can be difficult to understand what you get by joining her Community as there is a lot included.

In the following, I’ll explain the different elements of the Community.

The Course

When you first log in to the Humbled Trader Community you'll see this screen.

From the dashboard, you can access all lessons and see your progress.

The course has 156 lessons in total, split into 17 chapters (or units as they title it).

New videos and lessons get added on a regular basis, in the first 3 months after releasing the course 23 new lessons were added.

Almost all videos are between 3-15 minutes long and are screen recordings with a facecam of Shay.

I found this to be really nice. The slides are all in one design and are easy to skim. You'd think that every online course is like that but trust me, I have seen different.

The lessons itself are easy to understand and are well-structured. I personally really like the way Shay teaches so it's easy for me to follow her train of thought.

I'd suggest you to watch a few YouTube videos of her to see if you like her style of teaching.

In total the videos add up to about 12-13 hours of content.

At the end of every chapter there's a short quiz you can use to test your knowledge. The quizzes are pretty basic but I found them to be a good way to make sure I understood everything.

In order to proceed to the next chapter you have to complete the quiz of the previous chapter.

I think this is great for beginner traders, as it prevents you from skipping important lessons. However, I personally found this annoying as I'm more of an advanced trader and didn't want to visit all the basics again.

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1 – What to Expect from Humbled Trader Community
  • Unit 2 – Who is Humbled Trader?
  • Unit 3 – HT Roadmap for Beginner Traders
  • Unit 4 – Stock Market Lingo for Beginners
  • Unit 5 – Brokers & Platform Set Up
  • Unit 6 – Introduction to Candlestick Charts
  • Unit 7 – Technical Analysis
  • Unit 8 – Risk Management
  • Unit 9 – Trade Journal & Tracking
  • Unit 10 – Trade Planning: Small Caps
  • Unit 11 – Trade Planning: Large Cap Stocks
  • Unit 12 – Short Trap Consolidation Long Set Up
  • Unit 13 – Day 2 Breakout Continuation Long Set Up
  • Unit 14 – Gap Up Reversal Long Set Up
  • Unit 15 – Bagholder Daily Short Set Up
  • Unit 16 – Extension Daily Short Set Up
  • Unit 17 – Trader Psychology & Longevity in the Market
  • Appendix
  • Weekly Mentorship Webinar Recordings

I believe to really understand the curriculum and see the value in it you'll first have to understand the idea behind the Humbled Trader Community.

The Community is made for people who struggle with consistency, according to Shay.

I believe this approach makes a lot of sense. When I first started day trading I always had a few green days in a row but then it only took me one red day to lose all the profits from the days prior.

Humbled Trader spends about half of the program teaching and explaining the basics of trading, like risk management, how to track trades, and how to know which strategies really work.

All of these things are taught in units 3 – 11. These units are supposed to lay the foundation of your trading knowledge. Are those units worth $1490?

No, definitely not, you can probably find most of it on Youtube for free.

What makes the course worth $1490, in my opinion, is unit 12 – 16.

Shay gives you 5 well-defined setups you can use for day trading. This is also the biggest difference to other day trading courses, like LPP from Ricky Gutierrez, or Ziptrader.

In Learn Plan Profit for example you learn a lot about different indicators and trends. Ricky uses these indicators to determine whether to buy or sell a stock. He's therefore pretty broad on what he trades as long as the indicators are there.

Humbled Trader uses very few indicators and instead focuses more on what the company actually does, whether the stock is in a general up- or downtrend, or what the float of the stock is.

She takes all those factors into consideration and is really looking for specific setups.

Shay shares five of her setups in units 12 – 16. These units give you detailed explanations and instructions on each setup. She explains at what point you should enter the trade and, what I found to be great, also explains when to cut losses with each setup.

In unit 17 she explains her morning & evening routine as a trader, how to manage your time effectively, and how to stay focused and disciplined while trading. I personally think this unit would make more sense in the second section of the course before you learn the 5 setups, but it's a good lesson either way.

From the appendix you can download the roadmap, a trading glossary, a broker guide, a trade planning process, and a set up criteria sheet.

All webinars Shay and her team do get recorded and uploaded to the course. Most of these webinars are about 45 – 60 minutes long. Not all webinars are done by Shay, some are done by her coaches. However, from what I saw, these coaches are knowledgeable and give good advice.

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Community Quality

Overall the Community is well-produced and moderated.

The videos and webinars are nicely done and easy to follow. The community is moderated well, and you get regular reminders of the next webinar.

The video lessons are structured in a way that makes sense and is not all over the place.

There are not many custom graphics or anything very custom like that, but due to the nature of the course, that’s not really needed anyway.

My Personal Experience

I first noticed Humbled Trader when she started popping up in my YouTube recommendations.

I watched a few videos and began to like her videos for the “real” approach. She doesn’t pose with any fancy cars and sticks to trading in her videos.

I enrolled in her community and immediately liked her style of teaching. I was surprised by what was all included in the community. Not only was it an online course but also a private community, and included weekly watchlists.

Usually, traders like to sell their courses and their private chat groups separately, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was all included for one price.

When she released the Academy in November of 2021 I immediately went through the whole course.

I must say I was really impressed by the quality of the course. Compared to the old community the Academy is a huge upgrade.

The Academy is now included in the new HT Community.

Does the Humbled Trader Community Deliver?

I find the Community to be well worth it.

You not only get access to an online course, but also to an exclusive, well-moderated community (not a shitty Facebook group!), regular webinars, and downloadable guides.

What is great with the Humbled Trader Community is that there are no upsells, if you purchase the course you have got it all and they don't try to sell you another expensive course.

Obviously, the Community comes in at a hefty price, but if you're really serious about day trading I believe the Community will make you back a lot more than what you spend on it.

Who Is the Humbled Trader Community Best For?

It’s best for beginner to intermediate traders that need guidance in the stock market.

With beginners, I don't mean people that just want to try out day trading. If you want to invest $1490 in an online course you should understand the topic a little bit beforehand and know that this is something that really interests you.

You should have spent a good amount of time learning about trading before enrolling in this course. You won't need any prior knowledge to understand everything in this course, but I don't want you to think that by buying this course you'll become a profitable day trader.

This is not a get rich quick scheme or anything like that, it will take you a lot of time to navigate the market profitably. The course is meant as a shortcut to help you understand trading quicker, but by no means it will make you the next big deal in trading over night.

What the Community will do though is to help you focus on the right things at the right time.

When beginners try to understand the market, they often focus on the wrong things. The video lessons, webinars, and coaches can help you focus.

If you’re more of an advanced trader, this Community might not be the best option for you as it is mainly tailored towards beginner and intermediate traders.

However, if you have a similar trading style as Humbled Trader, it might still be worth it for you. I’d recommend checking out her youtube videos and see for yourself whether you trade similar to her.

Is the Humbled Trader Community Worth the Money?

While $1490 is not insanely expensive compared to other trading courses, it's definitely more on the expensive side.

Other popular day traders on Youtube, like Ricky Gutierrez, or Ziptrader, sell their courses for a few hundred dollars.

This raises the question if the HT Community is really about four times as good as Learn Plan Profit for example. I struggle to answer this question.

While I do think that the HT Community is a lot better than LPP, I'm not sure if it's worth four times as much. I think the five trading setups really bring a lot of value to the table but if you're struggling for money Learn Plan Profit might be a better choice.

However, if you do have some money to spend I believe the Humbled Trader Community is the best choice when choosing a day trading course.

Humbled Trader Community Final Verdict

All in all, I find the Community to be well worth it at $1490. Humbled Trader doesn't only offer a course but also an exclusive, well-moderated community, and weekly webinars. She gives actionable advice that will help beginner and intermediate traders cut the steep learning curve trading comes with.


  • Well-structured, high-quality course
  • A lot of downloadable resources, like a roadmap, or a broker guide
  • Access to an exclusive, well-moderated community
  • Shares 5 well defined setups for day trading
  • Regular trade recaps and webinars (on a weekly basis)
  • A lot of focus on risk management


  • Humbled Trader is still pretty “new” to trading, she doesn’t have a tracking record of 10 years +, so her trading system isn’t fully time-tested yet.
  • High entry cost at $1490
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How Much Does Humbled Trader Make?

Humbled Trader recently revealed that she made an average monthly profit of $50.000 by day trading in 2021. This obviously doesn't include the earnings of her YouTube channel, or her online course. In total I'd estimate that she makes about $100.000 per month on average.

What's Humbled Traders Net Worth?

There are only estimates of Humbled Traders net worth. She recently shared that she makes about $50.000 per month on average day trading. This doesn't include her online course. Based on that I think a reasonable net worth would be somewhere in the range of 1-5 Million Dollars.

Is Humbled Trader Legit?

Yes, Humbled Trader is legit. In the past she shared her earnings reports and they have been verified. Some people might call her a scammer because she sells an online course, however there's no reason to believe any of these allegations.

What happened to members of the old HT Community?

I directly reached out to the HT support team: “Our day trading community is still active, and existing members still have access to the community contents and our discord trading chatroom.

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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.