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17 Webull Free Stocks Questions (Quick Answers!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: July 14, 2022
8 min read

Webull offers up to 5 free stocks when signing up. Are they really free? How much are they worth? And, most importantly, how do you get them?

Here are 17 things you should know about receiving your free stocks on Webull.

Here’s How to Get Your Free Stocks on Webull:

You can get your first free stocks by signing up and downloading the mobile app. They have recently added a desktop app that is also easily downloadable from their website. 

Signing up with Webull is fairly simple:

  1. Open an account ‒ This alone already grants you two (2) free stocks.
  2. Deposit any amount ‒ This means exactly what it says on the label. You can deposit any amount. It can be as little or as big as you want. I've seen people depositing as little as $0.1 to test it out, and it still works. This gets you another three (3) free stocks.
  3. Get bonus reward stocks ‒ This becomes available after making your first deposit, and the bonus stocks are also completely free.

Sounds easy enough, right? There are, of course, terms and conditions that you may want to look into for more information and to determine your eligibility prior to signing up, but once it all checks out, you’re good to go!

How Can You Claim Your Free Stocks on Webull?

You will receive your first stocks after your account gets verified, which typically takes an hour unless further verification is required. 

Open your Webull app and go to ‘MENU’ to claim your free stocks. After that, select ‘MY FREE STOCK’, and then tap ‘GET’. Remember to allow up to ten (10) business days for it to arrive in your account. 

It doesn’t take that long most of the time, but it’s good to give it enough leeway just to be on the safe side.

What Free Stocks Do You Get From Webull?

The free or promotional stocks come from US-based companies, with a minimum market cap of $2.5 billion.

It could be any company listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ, but since it’s randomly chosen by an algorithm, you will only find out exactly what they are, where they’re from, and their value after you get them.

There is usually an approximate value given for reference, but that doesn’t mean that that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

How Many Free Stocks Do You Get On Webull?

The number of free stocks Webull offers changes depending on the type of promotion they have going on.

Like every other business out there, they have to experiment with different marketing strategies to determine what works best. 

In this latest promotion, you’ll receive two (2) free stocks upon successful registration and account verification and three (3) more bonus stocks after your initial deposit.

That means you are eligible for up to five (5) free stocks. 

Keep in mind that you also have to be approved to open a brokerage account during the offer period stated on their website. Otherwise, you might not receive the number of free stocks you expect.

How Much Are Webull’s Free Stocks Worth?

Webull free stocks have two classifications, and their potential values vary.

The first two (2) free stocks you get after opening an account can be worth $3 to $300. The other three (3) bonus free stocks rewarded after you make a deposit ranges from $7 to as much as $3000. 

I’ve highlighted the odds below for those who are interested.

For the first two (2) shares you get after sign-up:

Stock in the $3 – $10 per share range, approximately 1:1.02 (or about 98%)

Stock in the $10 – $50 per share range, approximately 1:52.63 (or roughly 1.9%)

Stock in the $80 – $100 per share range, approximately 1:1111.11 (roughly 0.1%)

Stock in the $100 – $300 per share range, approximately 1:10000 (roughly 0.01%)

For the three (3) bonus shares after your initial deposit:

Stock in the $7 – $30 per share range, approximately 1:1.02 (or about 98%)

Stock in the $31 – $100 per share range, approximately 1:52.63 (or roughly 1.9%)

Stock in the $101 – $999 per share range, approximately 1:1111.11 (roughly 0.1%)

Stock in the $1000 – $3000 per share range, approximately 1:10000 (roughly 0.01%)

What Free Stocks Do Most People on Webull Get?

While it’s true that the algorithm Webull uses is random, it does seem to favor some companies over others, with the occasional rare ones like TSLA (Tesla, Inc.), AAPL (Apple Inc.), GOOG (Alphabet Inc./Google) or SBUX (Starbucks Corporation) if people are lucky.

In no particular order, here’s a list of 10 companies that Webull users historically often get their free stocks from:

  1. ZNGA (Zynga Inc.)
  2. SWN (Southwestern Energy)
  3. AGI (Alamos Gold Inc.)
  4. F (Ford Motor Company)
  5. USB (U.S. Bancorp)
  6. GNW (Genworth Financial)
  7. ABEV (Ambev)
  8. VG (Vonage)
  9. CX (Cemex)
  10. OPK (OPKO Health)

Some honorable mentions include LEVI (Levi Strauss & Co.), JBLU (JetBlue Airways Corporation), and SNAP (Snap Inc./Snapchat). 

Your free stock will most likely come from at least one or two of these companies, but it’s not unusual to get all of them from just one.

There’s still an entire pool of NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies for Webull’s algorithm to choose from, and these are only a few examples of them.

I’m aware that they may not look good (and the odds of getting any of the Holy Grails are actually stacked against you), but I think they're not too bad for something that is being offered completely free of charge.

How Much Money Are Webull’s Free Stocks Actually Worth on Average?

People have reported several different values over the last few years since Webull launched, with some saying that they’ve received less than a dollar and others (AKA the Chosen Ones) claiming to have gotten over $2000 on a single free stock.

The latter, however, is rarer than desert rain, so I wouldn’t count on it, and neither should you. 

To better align your expectations with reality, the most commonly reported value ranges from $4 to $12, give or take a few cents. The thing is, stock value depends on market fluctuations, and, Webull, just like any other brokerage firm, doesn’t have control over it.

Unfortunately, this means that they could possibly go even lower than the initially advertised amount when you receive your free stocks.

Remember that it takes five (5) business days to settle into your account. A lot can happen during the time in between.

I, personally, am a fan of getting something for nothing, and while $4 or less may not be worth much, that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that it’s free.

Can You Claim the Free Stocks Multiple Times on Webull?

You can have multiple free stocks, but they can only be claimed once. It’s worth noting that these free stocks would have to be claimed within thirty (30) days of being issued because otherwise, they will expire.


Where Can You Find Your Free Stocks on Webull?

Concerning an earlier question, your free stocks can be found when you open the Webull app, go to ‘MENU’ and then tap ‘MY FREE STOCK’. It’s going to contain all of the free stocks you currently have. 

When Do You Get Your Free Stocks on Webull?

You receive your free stocks after application and account verification and then the bonus stocks after making a deposit of any amount.

The entire process may take up to ten (10) business days, depending on the type of transfer and the turnaround time for the free stock to arrive in your account after your deposit has cleared, which is five (5) business days.

Can You Sell Your Free Stocks on Webull?

Sometimes, you really just need that extra $12 or so. I’m not judging because we’ve all been there.

The answer, fortunately, is yes. You can sell your free stocks on Webull.

It is then up to you if you choose to withdraw the funds or invest the proceeds into other stocks. 

When Can You Sell Your Free Stocks on Webull?

You can sell them after they settle into your account.

Upon claiming, this takes five (5) business days. Some brokerages require that you wait for 30 days before doing so, so Webull takes the cake on this one.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Your Free Stocks From Webull?

Free stocks are also part of your taxable income, which means you would have to report them on your tax return.

This would fall under “Miscellaneous Income – Details of Form 1099-Miscellaneous” and is actually accessible from your Webull account. The amounts that you have to include are detailed there as well. 

Why Does Webull Give Out Free Stocks?

Webull gives out free stocks because it’s an investment, first and foremost. Others who came before them have tried and succeeded using this same strategy, so Webull took that as inspiration and made it work.

What’s good about this is that even if people who only sign up for the money decide to close their accounts, later on, Webull will still keep earning interest on the funds sitting in their accounts during the waiting period.

In a nutshell, Webull makes money without doing anything because the untouched deposit in people’s accounts does most of the work for them. Talk about passive income.

Another reason is the low churn rate, which means more people choose to stay than leave. As long as they have customers/investors, they can stay in business and keep gaining more—both customers and money.

That leads us to the third reason, and that is: More people signing up produces more profit for Webull. The bigger the balances on their accounts, the more money Webull makes.

To deliberately misquote a famous pop star, “It's all about money, money!” (And yes, they do need that money.)


Does Webull Really Give You Free Stocks, or Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Yes, they give free stocks and don’t charge any per-contract fee.

This, in my opinion, is what sets Webull apart from most of its competitors. On top of that, they also don’t have annual or inactivity fees, which other brokerages do charge for. 

However, to say that it’s completely free would be a bit misleading, as there are always fees associated with trading platforms.

One of the fees that Webull does impose is a $75 fee, which they apply for full or partial transfers. This is for any outgoing transaction from Webull into another platform.

Aside from that, there are also trading fees, stock fees, and options fees, which you may encounter from time to time.

Due to regulatory standards, most of these fees aren’t applied by Webull themselves but by the regulatory authorities such as SEC, FINRA, or OCC.

They’re not exactly a cause for concern, as these charges are very minimal. For example, SEC applies a transaction fee onto Webull, which is a minimum of $0.01. 

Do You Have to Be an American Citizen to Receive the Free Stocks on Webull?

No, you don’t necessarily have to be an American Citizen to join Webull and get free stocks.

What they do require, however, aside from being of legal age (18 years or older), are the following:

  1. A valid SSN (Social Security Number)
  2. A legal residential address in the US or other outlying territories
  3. A US permanent residency card or a valid US visa

If you have all three, even if you’re not a citizen of the United States, you can surely benefit from everything Webull offers.


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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.