Careers in Teaching, Foreign Language and Gemology

Jamey Muller
May 7, 2021

In recent times, the stereotypical careers that come under the category of a lucrative professional field are giving way to more creative and budding career options. Earlier, there are only a few careers providing fewer job opportunities to people, based only on academic agenda. Creativity and novelty had taken a back seat, and were considered low states professions. Times have changed now, so have the career options. A career in gemology, or foreign languages or even teaching is also lucrative and coveted by many.

Career in foreign languages

With globalization and the international market at its peak, a career in foreign languages is considered to be very promising. Interpreters and guides are required everywhere. Tourism industry is the fastest growing industry and is the most lucrative career option. With the increase in the tourist spots, guides are high in demand, and along with respect and status, get a handsome pay and also get to travel to many places. One can learn as many languages and not only be fluent in it verbally, but also get to know the culture and tradition of other countries, their way of thinking, their demands and job opportunities abroad. Foreign languages help you know about various countries and their cultures. One can also take up teaching as a foreign language tutor and also work in embassies.

Career in teaching

Teachers are the most coveted individuals for students teaching profession is highly respected and esteemed. A *guru* in the literal terms, is the one who imparts education to a child and thus is kept at the same level as parents. A teacher plays an important role in building up of a personality of an individual. It has been a career option earlier too, but now since the need and awareness for education has spread its full wings, teachers are high in demand. With new colleges and institutions opening up across the world, a trained professional in teaching is required everywhere. One can take up teaching in schools, colleges, private tuitions, institutes and lots more.

Career in gemology

Gemology is the study of gemstones, one of the fastest budding and growing careers in the world. Gems are cut, designed and polished in order to make fancy Jewellery. specially in a country like India, where every woman dreams of having at least 10 pairs of beautiful earrings and many Jewellery sets, this business is highly in demand , with more and more people needed in order to bring in novelty and style in the already existing designs.

Careers in teaching, gemology and foreign languages are growing rapidly and in high demand. One needs to take them up seriously.

Jamey Muller
Jamey is a 24-year-old living in Houston, Texas. He's an aspiring financial analyst with a passion for anything finance related. Over the last few years, he has taken many digital courses and read books on anything he's interested in. In his freetime he likes to hang out with his friends and likes to play video games.

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