Does OnlyFans Show Your Name? Solved! (Full 2024 Guide!)

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OnlyFans has become such a huge platform that it is normal to be worried about the kind of information being shared with your subscribed creators.

Can OnlyFans creators see your name when you start following them? Read on to find out.

Here’s if OnlyFans Show Your Name:

OnlyFans creators and other users cannot see your name (or your other personal information) on the platform. When you join OnlyFans, you are provided with a fan ID. Unless you change it to your real name, there is no way other people can find your real identity.

If you are new to the platform, you may be worrying if OnlyFans is providing your details to creators the moment you start subscribing to their content. 

You do not have to worry about your privacy as OnlyFans will never divulge your personal information to others. This is indicated in their privacy policy.

As per the platform’s default settings, any person who joins OnlyFans will be given a randomly generated number as their username. You can change this later on, but make sure you do not indicate your real name.

You can also choose what display name you want to be seen on your profile. Unless you replace this with your real name, there is no way anyone will know the account belongs to you.

For instance, when an OnlyFans creator checks your profile, the only information they can see is your display name, username, and profile photo. Your OnlyFans bio will also be visible.

If you have not changed your username since you signed up on the platform, the creator will only see the numbered username automatically generated for you by OnlyFans during the registration.

You have to be subscribed to a creator for them to view your OnlyFans account. If not, they cannot see your information unless they have a direct link to your profile.

If you subscribed to someone, they would receive a pop-up notification with your username indicated. This will remain in their notification list for viewing later on.

This creator can view your profile anytime they want. They can also see whatever content you put up after you start following them.

While your OnlyFans profile remains essentially anonymous without your real name indicated, you can never be too cautious. 

You should still take precautions to keep your identity private.

You should set your OnlyFans account to private to prevent anyone from seeing your profile information. 

Any confidential detail must also be removed, including your location and web address.

Here’s What to Do if You Want to Hide Your Real Name on OnlyFans:

You can easily hide your real identity when signing up for an OnlyFans account. In fact, you do not have to indicate your real name in your profile.

When you sign up on the platform, you are provided with a fan ID. Unless you change it to your real name, there is no way anyone can find your account on OnlyFans.

Of course, you must refrain from using your actual photo as your profile ID. Your other important information such as address and contact number should also not be included in your profile.

Just stick to the username given to you by OnlyFans. If you have to replace it, think of a different name that will not be traced back to you.

This way, your OnlyFans account will remain anonymous.

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Email Address?

No. OnlyFans does not show a user’s email address to anyone else on the platform. Your email address is kept completely private as indicated on OnlyFans’ privacy policy.

When you register for an OnlyFans account, you are required to provide your email address for verification purposes. 

Your email address may contain your first or last name, so you are understandably wary of a possible privacy breach.

You do not want anyone spamming your email with messages to buy their latest content.

Fortunately, OnlyFans creators and others users will not be able to see your email address. Unless you share them, there is no way anyone on the platform can know your email address.

If you want to share your email address, you can instruct OnlyFans to open it up for other people. There is an option on your OnlyFans profile that will allow you to do this.

Just look for the “Yes, open up my Email icon” button and click. After this, people will find it easy to connect with you.

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Payment Details?

No. Your payment details on OnlyFans will remain confidential. Creators do not have access to your credit card information as per the platform’s privacy policy.

When you register for an OnlyFans account, you need to provide your billing information. This includes your credit card number, CVV, expiry date, and other details.

Every time you make a payment, this will be made through an independent merchant. Your credit card details will be required, but there is no need to worry.

The information will only be known to the payment provider. OnlyFans will not have access to these details.

Your payment information will be stored separately using stringent security methods.

OnlyFans also use safeguards to protect your personal data. These precautions include data encryption, data backup, and periodic testing and assessment.

Once the payment goes through successfully with the third-party payment provider, they will provide OnlyFans with a token that represents your account, including your card type, card expiration date, and the first two and last four digits of your card number.

If the payment provider requires you to provide your name and email address during the transaction, OnlyFans will also be forwarded with the same information. 

Payments issued to OnlyFans creators are made by the platform using the bank account information they have collected and stored from the payment provider.

As for the OnlyFans creator, they can only see how much a subscriber spent on their content.

There is a section in the OnlyFans dashboard dedicated to this. Creators can view not only the most recent payment but the exact amount their subscribers have paid over the lifetime of their subscriptions.

This allows creators to track their best subscribers and give them extra attention compared to others who only look for free content.

What Is the Difference Between Username and Display Name on OnlyFans?

The username and the display name on OnlyFans are two different things. The username refers to the randomly generated number OnlyFans assigns you upon signing up. Meanwhile, the display name refers to your chosen moniker on the platform.

The username and display name serve distinct purposes in your OnlyFans account. Both are visible in your profile.

Your display name is what shows up in comments and conversation threads. They do not need to be unique, so other OnlyFans users may have the same display name as you.

If you want to change your display name on OnlyFans, you can edit it on your profile settings.

Meanwhile, your username identifies the unique URL associated with your account. Like your display name, you can also replace your username.

You only need to tap on your profile icon, then click on Edit Profile. After deleting your current username, you can type in your new desired username.


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