How To Find Jobs On Fiverr (5 Things To Know Before!)

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Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers to earn money from their passions, but let us face it – making consistent sales is no easy feat.

If you are a Fiverr newbie or struggling with landing gigs, this guide will help you get back on track.

Here’s How to Find Jobs on Fiverr (Step-By-Step):

To find jobs on Fiverr, you need to complete your seller profile. Fill out all the necessary details and showcase your skills to draw in potential buyers. Once done, you can start posting gigs or services you want to offer. You can also share your gigs outside the platform to gain more traction.

Creating a profile on Fiverr is not enough to land work and win over clients. If you want to make money on Fiverr, you need to make your profile professional and appealing.

Using real pictures and videos of your gigs will make a huge difference. These will make your content attractive to buyers.

If you have work-related social media accounts, you should link them too. This will allow buyers to know more about you as a person and potential long-term worker.

Non-native English speakers must also complete the English proficiency test. If you have certifications, you should also include them in your profile.

Once you start posting gigs, you should do your utmost to get prospective buyers to notice them. This means using a few foolproof techniques, such as detailed descriptions and intelligent keywords.

Fiverr hosts thousands of gigs on its platform each day. Utilizing specified descriptions for your gigs will help your services stand out.

You should also use target keywords shrewdly. This is vital if to earn money on the platform. 

Fiverr employ a defined set of guidelines in displaying SEO-specific results. For gigs to get a competitive ranking on the search engine, your description must mention the keywords at least three to four times.

Finally, promoting your gigs outside the marketplace helps. You can try posting your services on Facebook or LinkedIn and tag several of your family members and friends. 

3 Ideas on How to Find Clients/Buyers Quickly on Fiverr:

1) Promote Your Gig on Social Media

These reliable schemes will allow you to find potential clients on Fiverr – promoting outside the platform, commenting on the buyer’s request section, and optimizing your gigs.

Putting your gigs on Facebook and other social media platforms is the most common way to boost sales on Fiverr. Widely used by people across the globe, they will help your gig the attention you need. 

Outside advertising is an effective strategy for finding new buyers as it helps increase your views and impressions. 

There are different ways you can promote outside Fiverr. All you need is a little know-how in marketing, and you can conquer those clients.

With its 2 billion active users, Facebook is the perfect platform to promote your Fiverr gigs. You can share your services on your timeline or share them in groups focusing on gig niches.

You can also create a Facebook page solely dedicated to your Fiverr gigs.

LinkedIn is also an excellent platform for your external promotions. Before posting on LinkedIn, make sure your profile looks professional and put together.

Once your profile is set, you may add people connected to your niche and prospective clients to your network.

You may also write LinkedIn articles to promote your gigs. 

If you want to promote on Twitter or Instagram, you should utilize the correct hashtags related to your gig’s purpose. Your captions may also include URLs to your work.

Online discussion forums like Quora are also good organic traffic sources for your services. You can answer questions of prospective buyers when you share your gigs. 

Popular social bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Stumble can also be utilized to advertise your Fiverr offerings.

You can also create a personal blog to market your services and showcase your portfolio.

You can post your gigs and corresponding prices, even the reviews, and ratings you can get from previous clients.

If you have the talent and the means, you may also create a YouTube channel where you can post your tutorials and how-to videos on the Fiver offerings. Do not forget to connect your Fiverr account to make it easy for your clients to find you.

2) Bid on Services

Another way to find buyers quickly on Fiverr is by sending offers to buyers in the gig request sections. 

Although you can sit back and wait for buyers to notice your profile, you will get more gigs if you hustle proactively.

Fiverr has a buyer request section where clients can post to bid for services. They indicate what needs to be done, when they need it, and how much they are willing to pay.

Sellers frequently browse through these custom requests and send offers by commenting on specific posts. You can send up to 10 bids per day.

When perusing the buyer request section, you can filter the posts per category to make it easy. You may also search for specific keywords. 

Unless you have worked with them in the past, you cannot directly contact buyers in the request section. You will need to wait for them to reply to your offer.

Sellers also cannot post their gigs on the buyer request sections. If you do this, your account may be disabled by Fiverr. You can only reply to existing requests.

When you send offers, Fiverr will ask you to include an attachment of your active gig to check if your bid matches the custom request of the buyers.

If they do not match, the odds of your gig being picked among hundreds of offers will be less.

A helpful tip is to create a generic gig within your specialization so it will correspond with any buyer request.

3) Optimize Your Gig

When you have done the first two options and still have trouble finding a client, you can only rely on optimizing your gigs and making sure they will reach your target buyers.

You can boost your services by using the correct tags, so clients will find them easier while searching for keywords. Your tags should match the type of gigs you are offering.

If you use the wrong tags, buyers will not be able to find you unless they have a direct link to the gigs you posted.

Selecting the appropriate titles for your services also matters. You should ensure that they contain SEO words to make them more search-friendly.

Once your gig goes live, you cannot change the title, so getting it right the first time is crucial.

You can find the right keywords by going to the Fiverr search bar and looking at the auto-suggestions. Usually, the most popular ones are the first to show on the list.

Titles should be simple and easy to understand. If it is too long, buyers will not be to see all of the words when it gets displayed on the homepage.

Finally, you can interlink your gigs. For example, if you are offering a gig on branding design, you may create another gig on logo design. Your client will likely see the two projects and hire you for both.


Is It Hard to Get a Job on Fiverr?

Even for beginners, securing a gig on Fiverr should not be a problem. There are always quick and easy jobs available on the platform, and many buyers are eager to bag them for a cut-rate price.

However, since Fiverr is an excellent platform for many freelancers looking for a bit of cash, the competition is fierce. Many sellers are willing to offer services for just $5, regardless of quality.

You will have to prove your worth to stand out and earn a higher amount.

A seller must stay on top of your buyers, so responding to them on time is necessary. You should install a Fiverr app on your phone to access the site even when you are on the road.

You should also work for a 5-star rating. Feedbacks are essential to maintain an excellent reputation on the platform. This will make you more appealing to clients and boost your visibility in the search engine.

Lastly, you should strive to level up as a seller. On Fiverr, each level comes with exclusive benefits to increase your sales.

Do not be satisfied with a level 1 status. You should aspire to be a top-rated seller to earn VIP support and special badges.

You must complete as many jobs as possible while keeping high-star ratings, consistent delivery times, and favorable response rates.

How Do I Get My First Job on Fiverr?

Fiverr caters to almost every kind of talent. It is vital to find a niche where your skills will be put to great use.

With over 200 different job categories on the platform, finding a niche should not be difficult.

One of the highest-paid jobs on Fiverr is website design and development. You will find various offers on design, coding, and website concept in this niche.

E-commerce web design is particularly in high demand. Buyers are frequently looking for sellers who can work on platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

You can also try graphic design jobs if that is where your talent lies. This is another popular category on the site. Securing a gig should be easy if you specialize in logo, business card, or t-shirt design.

Copywriting services are also in-demand among Fiverr buyers. You can offer gigs on writing product reviews, blogs, and e-books.

If video marketing is your specialization, congratulations. Your niche is one of the highest paying on the Fiverr platform. 

The demand for skillful sellers who can create training videos, advertisements, and even short animations has grown exponentially.

Nowadays, editing videos has become easier with online tools.

You can also try to offer translation services. Businesses are always looking for competent multi-lingual sellers who can translate documents and articles.

If you have the patience for teaching, you may also want to try being a private tutor to buyers wanting to learn a new language.

Social media marketing is another niche you should enter if you have experience managing social media profiles. There are a lot of clients on Fiverr who are looking for ad campaign creation and optimization.

Influencers also have a niche on Fiverr. You can use your robust social media following to promote brands. Buyers are willing to pay cash for influencers who can endorse their products on social media channels.

Voice-over gigs are also popular on the platform. There are services for every type of voice and accent.


If you are an illustrator, put your talent to good use and find jobs in this niche. You will be asked to create customized cartoons, characters, or portraits for prospective clients.

Finally, you can set up a gig as a virtual assistant. This is a good option if you are good at organization and managing schedules. Some of the tasks you will do are data entry, cold calling, and appointment setting.

Waiting to secure your first job on Fiverr may be nerve-wracking, but buyers will undoubtedly flock to hire you if you have a solid profile and offers.

Can You Work on Fiverr Without Any Skills?

You do not need a specialized skill to work on Fiverr. You can earn money from doing various gigs.

There are plenty of clients looking for freelancers who can do transcriptions, subtitles for videos, and the creation of intros and outro clips.

You can also be paid for creating PowerPoint presentations, removing backgrounds in images, and making eBooks uneditable.

If you want to look for custom jobs, you should check out the buyer’s request section on Fiverr. There may be a posting there that will suit your parameters.

What Are the Easiest Jobs on Fiverr to Start Out?

You can start earning money on Fiverr by starting out with uncomplicated jobs. 

Web search is an easy gig that you can offer to buyers. You only need to apply your research skills and attention to detail to do excellent.

Some of the common tasks in web search are tracking down email addresses and brand mentions, gathering background materials, and collating information into concise reports.

Another straightforward gig is proofreading essays. Many students go to Fiverr to look for freelancers who can edit their dissertations and other reports. 

Some of the valuable skills you will need are subject knowledge and precision in correcting mistakes.

Aside from proofing and editing services, you may also offer bibliography and citation checking or layout packages.

If you are adventurous and confident and sharing your opinions, you may want to try user testing. Depending on the gig, you will be asked to give feedback on everything, from new products like games and apps that you will not usually buy.

Usually, with these gigs, you will need access to a camera phone since you have to record an audio or video of yourself while testing. There are also times when you need transport to collect or return products tested.

If you are still unsure what kind of gigs you want on Fiverr, you can always do what you love and teach your hobbies, like piano and painting lessons.

There is always someone on the platform who will pay money to learn from an excellent instructor.

Of course, you will need to boost your interpersonal and teaching skills and create teaching sources (written or video formats), if necessary.

Start with these simple gigs to build up your freelance experience and see where they will take you.

How Much Do People Make With Their First Job On Fiverr?

Keep in mind that building a successful freelancing career is a marathon, not a sprint. While the earning potential on Fiverr is promising, it's essential to start on the right foot by setting realistic pricing.

As a new seller, it's wise to begin on the lower end of the spectrum. If your niche typically charges $10, consider offering your services at $5 to attract initial clients. Similarly, if the going rate is $50, positioning yourself at $30 can help establish credibility while attracting potential buyers.

Remember, your early gigs serve as stepping stones to build your reputation and gather positive reviews. Over time, as you gain experience and grow your client base, you can gradually increase your rates to reflect the value you provide.


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