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Starting Out On Fiverr? 9 Things You Should Know Before!

Jamey Muller
Updated: July 14, 2022
11 min read

When it comes to the most viable options to create online income nowadays, Fiverr is the choice of many freelancers.

Learn how to earn money on Fiverr with this beginner’s guide.

Here’s How To Get Started On Fiverr:

Like in other online marketplaces for freelance services, you need to have an impressive profile on Fiverr to showcase your bio and skills to potential buyers. With a neat and attractive profile, you will have more chances of winning clients and securing orders on your gigs.

When Fiverr was founded in 2010, people were offered services for any freelance work for just $5, hence the name. This price limit was removed in 2014. Since then, the marketplace has seen a dramatic increase in the quantity and quality of gigs.

Now, you can find just about any digital services (or gigs) on Fiverr, from software development and logo designing to writing content and video transcribing, offered to customers on a global scale.

Fiverr works by bringing buyers and sellers together. Sellers create lists of gigs that buyers browse through before placing their orders.

Once the seller is booked for a gig, the buyer will send the details on the task they need to work on. The seller will get paid after the buyer approves the delivery.

Buyers can also leave reviews on sellers' profiles. This helps other buyers to evaluate the sellers' quality of work.

The first step in joining the Fiverr community is to create your seller profile. 

You should pick an actual photo of yourself instead of a generic one, like an avatar or an inanimate object, in choosing a profile image. A professional photo with help prospective buyers to easily trust you.

You can also add descriptions of yourself, including your skills, education, and previous experiences. If you need inspiration on accomplishing this, you can always check out the profiles of successful freelancers in your niche.

Linking your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, can enhance your profile. However, you should only connect if they are professional and only used for sharing work-related content.

You can also add any certifications you may have to your Fiverr profile. 

Fiverr also offers online courses that you may enroll in to improve your skills. Once completed, you will get a badge on your profile, displaying your expertise.

With your Fiverr profile set up, you can now create gigs. Gigs should be specific and focused on only one service. 

For example, instead of “I will write your texts,” you should indicate “I will write your video script” or “I will write your blog posts.” 

Whatever your field of expertise is, you must always narrow it down on your gigs to make it easy for buyers to find and choose you.

You should check what clients are looking for in your search bar. Simply type in your skill and see the search suggestions.

When you create a gig, you should use the keywords found in the search field in both the title and description; this helps Fiverr determine what your gig is about and show it in a buyer’s search results.

Indicating categories and subcategories related to the service you are offering also aids the platform in cataloging your gigs correctly.

Once your gigs are published, you should take the opportunity to promote them on different websites, such as LinkedIn. 

You may also create a video or a slideshow of what your gig entails. This includes what your buyer stands to gain out of your services. This will help your service show up high on the Fiverr search results.

All these tips are guaranteed to make your Fiverr profile shine.

Is Fiverr Good for Beginners?

Definitely. Fiverr is a beginner-friendly, flexible platform that caters to talented and passionate freelancers. You can find many entry-level jobs in the niche you want to work in.

Aside from enabling sellers to easily list their offered services, Fiverr also does an excellent job matching these bids to potential buyers. 

However, like other marketplaces, competition on the platform is fierce. This significantly impacts how long you can secure your first order and the succeeding ones.

A valuable piece of advice for beginners is to start with gigs that do not require much time and effort. 

Most buyers on Fiverr want services done as soon as possible. If you spend the rest of the day accomplishing a gig, you will have no time to complete your other tasks.

Moreover, the type of work you will do should be worth the commission you will receive. 

It would be best to remember that when you sell a gig, Fiverr takes 20%. That will be $1 for every $5 gig you complete.

While this is not much, you will get better chances to secure highly-priced gigs later.

Beginners should also take note of the different types of buyers in the Fiverr ecosystem.

Individual buyers are typically looking for one-time services, like transcribing a YouTube video or writing a promotional article for a website.

While these buyers prefer sellers with good ratings and reviews, beginners still have a shot at winning them over with an impressive pitch.

You will also encounter clients who buy gigs for entertainment, like writing a name in calligraphy or making a funny video for a friend. They make a good market since there are many different things a seller can offer.

Finally, there are the business or organization gig buyers. You should aim to secure these types of clients on Fiverr.

Company buyers are usually looking for long-term sellers. If your gig is purchased by one and performed well, you will likely be considered for future projects.

Business buyers also tend to have a solid social circle. If they are impressed with your service, they may recommend you to their colleagues.

This will not only net you more orders but will also expand your reach on the platform.

Do not be discouraged if you are a beginner on Fiverr and it takes a bit longer to secure a gig. Instead, you should use the time to monitor your gig statistics and figure out what you need to work on more to procure clients.

How Much Money Can You Make on Fiverr?

There is no limit on how much money you can earn as a seller on Fiverr. Many use the marketplace as a lucrative side job, while others make a full-time income.

For instance, experienced and fast content writers can make up to $250 per hour. The secret is sticking to a niche that you are most skilled in, whether academic writing, medical writing, or blog post writing.

Voice-over artists can earn up to $15,000 monthly, while career consultants can make between $38,000 and $48,000 per month.

Other niches that sell competitively on Fiverr are website development and graphic design.

Skills in website development are in high demand on the platform, particularly among the eCommerce businesses. Sellers have the option to specialize in coding, bug fixing, or concept.

Meanwhile, graphic designers make a good income designing for social media posts, making logos for companies, package or poster designs. 

You should take note of Fiverr’s pricing strategies for your gigs. Typically, you are given three options – basic, standard, and premium.

For instance, sellers in the content writing niche may offer to write 500 words for the basic gig, 1,000 for the standard, and 2,000 for premium.

You should always check your competitors and see what they are offering. It is best to go for similar word counts to avoid disparity in most cases.

Most clients look into several freelancers’ gigs before deciding on the best fit. It will help if you are somewhat comparable with others.

You should avoid gigs that are hard to deliver or those under a super-tight schedule. For example, developing a full web application for only $5 or illustrating a logo within an hour is not feasible.

If your clients are not satisfied with the final products, your profile will get negative ratings and reviews.

For beginners, the firsts gigs are not about making money. They are about securing excellent reviews that you badly need to boost your profile.

When Do You Get Paid on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you get your hard-earned money as soon as your buyer approves your gig delivery. The payment is transferred to your account, which will be sent to your preferred payment method upon withdrawal.

Fiverr prides itself on its easy payment system for freelancers. You do not need to write invoices for your gigs since the platform collects the money in advance from the buyer.

Once the job is completed successfully, you will get paid in time. There is no need to chase after the payment.

Getting paid on Fiverr is a straightforward process. You simply need to click the payments methods on your profile's settings and pick the one you prefer.


Here are several options – getting paid via PayPal, Fiverr revenue card, or bank transfer.

If you choose PayPal, you need to set your account under the withdraw option. You will receive a notification in your email once you start the withdrawal process.

You should note that you need a PayPal account for this option. 

For Fiverr revenue card and bank transfer or direct deposit, the service’s availability depends on your provider’s coverage.

The maximum daily withdrawal is set at $5,000. Any fund under $5,000 may be withdrawn in full.

You can also make a withdrawal once every 24 hours.

If you withdraw in a currency other than USD, Fiverr will ask you to confirm it, including the amount. This comprises the conversion fee, so you will likely receive the amount less than the original fund.

To set up the withdrawal currency, you need to update your account's settings.

What Is a Source File on Fiverr?

Source files are the original files that you, as the creator, used for your designs. Typically, these files are provided to your clients, so they edit as they see fit.

Source files are also needed if buyers need to print scalable versions of your designs. This is because they contain program instructions that make corrections possible.

For instance, if you used Adobe Photoshop in your output, you need to share the PSD file, not the JPG or PNG file.

Source files may be any editable file of software, from AI (Adobe Illustrator) and CDR (Corel draw) to DOCX (Microsoft Word) or even PDF if used as a save option.

In some cases, buyers do not ask for source files. You should always clear it up with them when they give you instructions to avoid confusion.

What Is a Social Media Kit on Fiverr?

A social media kit is a collection of branded materials for a social media account. This may be a profile picture, a cover page, a channel art, or a thumbnail. 

These kits allow companies to post materials on multiple social media platforms without compromising their branding.

Many sellers on Fiverr offer social media kits to help businesses create a holistic brand identity. 

For instance, you may sell custom branded graphics for a Facebook post or an Instagram story of your client.

Creating visual content for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn needs thorough planning.

You need to consider the different dimensions of each platform and standard sizes.

Some of the tools that can be used to create social media kits are Adobe Spark and Adobe Indesign.


What Are Impressions on Fiverr?

Impressions on Fiverr are the metrics used to gauge how many times a gig appears on a buyer’s search screen.

Every time your gig shows on someone's screen, this will be counted as an impression irrespective if they click it or not.

For this reason, impressions are important indicators of how much traction your gigs are receiving on the Fiverr platform.

As a seller, you want to see your impressions grow over time or hover around the same figure each day.

If your impressions are increasing, this is an excellent marker that you are doing well in creating SEO-friendly gigs.

Meanwhile, for impressions that are more or less the same day by day, you can either tweak your gigs or leave them alone.

If you think that the niche demand for your gigs will support more impressions on the daily, you may improve them as you see fit.

If you believe that your gigs are performing reasonably, you may choose not to do anything considering the demand.

What Are Revisions on Fiverr?

A revision is an optional feature that a Fiverr seller may offer to the buyer. This gives your client a chance to reject your gig delivery and ask for changes based on your delivered work.

When you offer revisions, you should be ready to consider your buyer’s feedback and entertain any requests they may have.

The moment the buyer requests revisions on an order, its status is tagged as rejected. This is a signal for the seller to apply the requested changes and update the delivery.

By default, revisions on Fiverr are unlimited. The buyer may ask for as many changes as they see fit, and they are free to cancel orders that do not satisfy them.

Until your delivery gets approved, any earnings you may have will be stuck with the platform.

A common mistake for sellers is failing to set boundaries with the buyer before starting the gig.

You should communicate clearly the exact amount of revisions you can offer for your gigs. Make sure that your buyer is aware of these pointers before ordering.

You should specify the number of free revisions you will make for each gig and indicate how much they owe you for the extra modifications.

If you choose to set unlimited revisions, it is your responsibility as a seller to revise the gig until your client is delighted with your work.

How to Change Fiverr Username?

Fiverr does not allow changes to usernames. Once your profile is created, the username you chose will be your unique identity on the platform.

If you want to use a different username, you have to close or delete your existing account and create a new one.

To do this, you need to go to your Fiverr homepage and click on Settings. Choose the option for account deactivation and provide a reason. 

Fiverr will send you a confirmation email to check if you want your account deactivated. Once you click it, your account will no longer exist.

You can now make a new account with your desired username.

Usually, freelancers stick to their real names for their Fiverr usernames. If you want, you may use your niche’s name.

You can still utilize the email address you used in your current account for your new account, but there are several steps you must perform to do this.

Before closing your existing account, you need to change the email address by going to the profile setting and entering a new email.

You will receive an email confirming the change. All you need to do is click the link to authorize Fiverr to make the adjustment.

Those who have verified their phone number on Fiverr will receive an email confirmation and an SMS code to complete the process.

You should remember that any money you may have will be lost once you delete your Fiverr account. You should withdraw your funds first before closing your account to avoid this.

After this, you will get another email at your new email address. You also have to click the link to get the work done.


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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.