Cash App Routing Number: 041215663 (Complete 2024 Guide!)

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Cash App can be treated as a bank account where your paychecks are directly deposited. To do this, you need your account and routing number.

What is a Cash App routing number, and where can you find it in the app?

Here’s the Official Cash App Routing Number:

The official Cash App routing number for Sutton Bank is 041215663. To locate the routing number, you need to have an activated Cash Card associated with your account. Simply open the app and go to My Cash > Get Account number. You will see both your Cash App account number and routing number.

Cash App was initially created as a peer-to-peer payment app, but expansions have allowed it to do more. Users can now utilize Cash App as a checking account.

To have your paychecks directly deposited to your Cash App account, you need to share your routing detail with your employer. 

This will allow your account to successfully receive your salary on a weekly or monthly basis. 

A routing number is a nine-digit unique code allocated to all verified banks and financial institutions. It can also be referred to as an RTN (routing transit number).

You need a routing number to enable direct deposits in the Cash App. Without it, your salary cannot be paid to your account.

If you want to perform a direct deposit using your routing number, you simply need to open the Cash App on your device and select Deposits and Transfers.

Afterward, copy your account and routing number and past them on the space provided on the direct deposit page. Once you click send, the deposit will be complete.

A routing number also makes payments hassle-free. You need to enter your account routing number whenever you make transactions online.

You should note that your Cash App routing number is only visible if you have a verified account and have activated the direct deposit service.

This means that you should have an activated Cash App card associated with your account.

Is the Cash App Routing Number the Same for All Users?

Yes. The Cash App routing number is the same for all users. Any user who registers an account on the platform uses a similar code on their transactions.

Currently, Cash App has two routing numbers. The 041215663 routing number is for Sutton Bank. The other is 073923033.

The 073923033 routing number is assigned for Lincoln Savings Bank.

Depending on your location, you can use either of the two routing numbers.

How Can You Find the Cash App Routing Number in the App?

Locating the routing number on your Cash App is easy. You simply have to follow these steps:

1.     Open the Cash App on your phone.

2.     Go to the My Cash tab by clicking the dollar symbol ($) at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

3.     Tap on the Cash button located near the green dollar sign.

4.     Scroll down until you see the Direct Deposit section.

5.     Click Get Account Number, then tap Enable Account on the pop-up screen.

6.     Select Copy Routing Number.

7.     You can copy the code to your clipboard, then paste it into an email or text message.

If the routing number is not showing on Cash App, there are several possible reasons.

You may need to update the app to the latest version. You can remedy this by going to your phone’s App or Play Store.

The setback may also be because your device is not connected to the Internet. You should always double-check if you are linked to the nearest Wi-Fi or your phone's mobile data.

Sometimes, the error may be due to a server error or a glitch from Cash App’s end. If this is the case, you may try again after a few minutes.

You may also reach out to the Cash App customer service to ask for help if the problem persists.

Is Sutton Bank the Partner Bank of Cash App?

Yes. Sutton Bank is one of Cash App’s partnering banks. The institution is in charge of issuing the Cash Card to all Cash App users, including all its maintenance services.

Aside from Sutton Bank, Cash App works with Lincoln Savings Bank to manage the direct deposits.

When you log in to your Cash App account, you need to apply for a Cash App card issued by Sutton Bank.

Once you complete the activation process, you will have leverage over all Cash App facilities.

You should keep in mind that Sutton Bank and Cash App are two separate entities.

If you are a client of Sutton Bank, you cannot use your username and password to access and utilize the Cash App services, 

You need to sign up for a Cash App account so you can start using its mobile payment services.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to use Sutton Bank, you cannot use your login details in the Cash App. You should create a new account directly with the bank.

To find out if your Cash account is associated with either Sutton Bank or Lincoln Savings Bank, you need to open the app on your phone and go to the banking tab (“$”).

Afterward, tap on your account number below your Cash App balance. This will show you the name of the bank and the routing number.

What Is Sutton Bank?

Sutton Bank is an Ohio-based commercial bank with more than a century of solid service. 

Headquartered in Attica with several brick-and-mortar physical locations, the bank also offers online banking. You can access your Sutton bank account via its website or through the mobile app.

Sutton Bank provides a wide range of services and products, including savings and checking accounts, credit cards, personal and business loans, revolving credit lines, and mortgages.

It mostly caters to industries such as real estate services and agriculture.

Considered a medium-size bank, Sutton Bank currently owns assets totaling $500 million with more than $430 million in deposits.

As Cash App’s main bank, Sutton Bank is the issuer of the platform’s cash cards. It also manages all the functions and transactions connected to the service.

Aside from its partnership with Cash App, Sutton Bank also works with other FinTech (financial technology) companies such as Robinhood, Ramp, and TeamPay.


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