What’s The Walz Group? (Quick Answer!) – Updated 2024!

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Receiving Certified Mails via the United States Postal Service (USPS) means you have probably encountered one from the Walz Group.

What kind of company is the Walz Group? Does it function like a collection agency?

Here’s What the Walz Group Is:

Walz Group is a specialized business that provides critical document fulfillment, regulatory compliance solutions, and Certified Mail via the USPS for major corporations and small businesses in the United States. It aims to make mail management easy and convenient for thousands of its clients.

Walz Group's patented automated mail preparation system and method are excellent for various industries that need help with mailings.

Founded in 1983, it has become one of the leading providers to United States companies facing strict compliance requirements on mail management.

It provides a complete set of tools so businesses conform while preserving confidentiality, flexibility, and control over classified data and documents.

While Walz Group is headquartered in Temecula, California, it has satellite facilities in San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona.

It specializes in handling and processing its clients' Certified Mails using the USPS services. 

Certified Mails are specialized correspondences that provide proof of mailing upon delivery and receipt of the addressee.

Using the electronic USPS Tracking, senders are assured that their important documents will safely reach the intended destination.

Because of their security, Certified Mails are commonly used by attorneys, debtors, and juries to send legal documents.

Who Uses the Walz Group?

Walz Group works with various businesses to process their mailing needs. In the United States, over 3,000 premier financial institutions, law firms, and insurance companies use its services.

Its other clients include top mortgage servicers, vehicle finance companies, foreclosure attorneys/trustees, and tax professionals. Municipal governments and counties also employ Walz Group for critical document management.

Currently, the company services more than 25% of the Fortune 100 corporations or the most significant public and private companies in the United States, depending on revenues. 

These are the most influential enterprises, generating the most money and attracting investors from worldwide.

Six of the top ten mortgage services and four of the top ten vehicle finance companies in the United States are part of Walz Group’s roster of clients.

Aside from big enterprises with complex in-house print operation needs, Walz Group also offers its services to small businesses across the country.

It has a proven track record of implementing an efficient tracking mechanism for all mails, ensuring that sensitive documents are posted with no hassle every time.

Companies tap onto Walz Group to improve their mail management using the provider’s Certified Mail form and envelope software and solutions.

Is the Walz Group a Collection Agency?

No. Walz Group is not a collection agency. It merely assists its clients regarding document and mail management.

While Walz Group was acquired by LenderLive Network Inc., an end-to-end mortgage services provider based in Denver, in 2015, it remains independent in its operations.

Its solutions are beneficial to LenderLive regarding mortgage origination, loss mitigation, and default services, but its functions are entirely different.

Walz Group’s primary services include monitoring, reporting, and reviewing legislative and regulatory changes at federal and state levels.

It also ensures compliance in preparing, producing, and fulfilling critical communications.

Walz Group’s Certified Mail Automation utilizes accessible technology to allow its clients in the financial services industry to handle critical correspondence delivery.

Analyzing the regulatory requirements can effectively disperse servicing-related borrower correspondences, including notices on loss mitigation and default.

Through Walz Group’s services, companies can effectively manage their mailing and returns processes.


While Walz Group is not a collection agency, it may be sending mail recipients notifications regarding a bill that needs to be paid.

This is because a lot of its clients are foreclosure attorneys and trustees. These clients may send a Certified Mail via the Walz Group as a reminder about the money they owe.

Walz Group will never recover past-due funds on behalf of lenders or creditors. It will not go after the delinquent borrower or debtor to retrieve the money owed.

The company only assists clients such as mortgage services and law firms with borrow notifications.


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