Volkswagen Credit Payoff Address! (Full 2024 Guide!)

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Volkswagen Credit offers specific addresses and phone numbers for standard and overnight payoff checks. However, finding the correct payoff address and phone number can be quite tricky.

Below, I have listed the Volkswagen Credit payoff address, the Volkswagen Credit overnight payoff address, and the Volkswagen Credit payoff phone number.

Volkswagen Credit Payoff Address:

Volkswagen Credit
1401 Franklin Blvd.
Libertyville, IL 60048-4460

Note that your Volkswagen Credit payoff address might be different, it is best to give Volkswagen Credit a call, or request a payoff letter before sending your check.

Volkswagen Credit Overnight Payoff Address:

Lockbox 94026
5505 N Cumberland Ave
Suite 307
​Chicago IL 60656

Note that your Volkswagen Credit overnight payoff address might be different, it is best to give Volkswagen Credit a call, or request a payoff letter before sending your check.

Also, check the terms of Volkswagen Credit for sending overnight payments. They might require you to use FedEx, or a different delivery service, when sending overnight payments.

Volkswagen Credit Payoff Phone Number:

(800) 428-4034

It’s best to give Volkswagen Credit a call to check that you have the right address and correct payoff amount before sending your check.

Where Can I Find My Volkswagen Credit Payoff Address?

The easiest way to find the correct payoff address is to call Volkswagen Credit.

Volkswagen Credit, as most other financing companies, like USAA, or US Bank, offer a number of specific P.O. boxes and physical addresses to mail your standard, or overnight checks to.

Alternatively, you might also be able to complete your Volkswagen Credit payoff payment by logging in to your account, selecting “Profile”, or “Manage Account”, then selecting “Request A Quote”.

If you choose to call Volkswagen Credit or use their online services you won’t have an official and more importantly legally binding document. That's why I always recommend requesting a payoff letter from Volkswagen Credit.

Request A Payoff Letter From Volkswagen Credit:

When you want to pay off a loan it’s hard to find out exactly how much you need to pay. Interest is added to your loan balance every day (or sometimes once a month), that’s why your loan balance changes daily.

If you write your payoff check using the loan balance from your last statement you probably fail to pay the full amount.

This will be a frustrating experience for you, you’ll need to get in contact with Volkswagen Credit, send an additional check, and wait longer to pay off your loan.

That’s where a payoff letter comes in, you can request a payoff letter directly from Volkswagen Credit by calling their customer service or sending them a message. A payoff letter is an official document that lists the following:

  • The date the payoff amount expires
  • If a cashier’s check is required
  • Where to send the check to (the payoff address)
  • If you have to include any extra charges with your final payment (closing fees or penalties, for example)

Most lenders send the payoff letter within a few days, the maximum they have to send the payoff letter according to federal law is seven days.

Note: Some lenders have a different definition of what a payoff letter is. They use the term payoff letter to describe a letter that states that the loan has been paid off and functions as proof that the loan no longer exists.

What Happens If You Mailed Your Check To The Wrong Address?

If you mail your check to the wrong address there can be delays which usually mean that you have to pay additional fees.

To prevent additional fees you should call Volkswagen Credit, or request a payoff letter to double-check that the address hasn’t been changed and that you wrote the correct amount on your payoff check.

Payoff amounts include not only principal and interest they also include prepayment fees or any other additional fees. Therefore it’s important to send the check with the correct payoff amount to the right address, if the check doesn’t reach Volkswagen Credit at the right address, or the payoff amount isn’t correct more interest will accumulate over time.

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