How To See Pending Deposits On Chime! (Full 2024 Guide!)

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It can be incredibly frustrating when you wait for funds to arrive in your Chime account. You want to know if the deposit is just pending or lost in the system.

This guide will teach you how to find pending deposits on the Chime website or mobile app.

Does Chime Show You Pending Deposits?

Yes, Chime displays pending deposits on its website and App. You can see which deposits are pending by simply going to the “Reports” tab and looking at the color of the dollar amount. The gray text means that the deposit is pending. The green ones are the deposits that have arrived.

How to See Pending Deposits on The Chime App: (Step-By-Step)

Follow these steps to check pending deposits on the Chime App:

  1. Open the Chime app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on “View Transactions” below your account balance.
  3. Browse through the transactions list; pending deposits will be marked with gray text, while completed deposits will appear in green.

How to See Pending Deposits on (Step-By-Step)

To view pending deposits on, use the following steps:

  1. Visit and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Go to the “Statements” tab in the account dashboard.
  3. Review the transaction list; pending deposits will be marked with a gray icon, while completed deposits will have a green icon.

By following these simple steps, you can easily monitor your pending deposits on Chime through both the mobile app and their website, ensuring you stay updated on your account transactions.

Does Chime Notify You When You Get a Pending Deposit?

Chime does provide notifications to its users when there is a pending deposit in their accounts.

Once a deposit is detected, Chime typically sends an email or a push notification to alert the account holder. The notification includes essential information such as the source of the deposit, the amount, and an estimated time for the deposit to clear.

It is important for users to ensure that their contact information and notification settings are up to date in the Chime app. This allows them to receive timely alerts and stay informed about their account activity. Users can manage notifications by following these steps:

  • Open the Chime app and log in to the account.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab or menu.
  • Select “Notifications” or a similar option.
  • Toggle the relevant notification options, such as email or push notifications, to the desired settings.

By staying informed of their pending deposits, users can better manage their finances and plan their expenditures knowing when funds will be available.

Does Chime Hold Pending Deposits?

Chime holds pending deposits until the transaction is cleared and finalized by the issuing party, same as CashApp. This is a standard banking practice that ensures the funds are available before crediting a user's account. During this period, the deposit will be marked as pending in the Chime app, allowing users to monitor the status of their deposits.

Typically, the duration of a pending deposit varies depending on the type of transaction and the financial institution involved. In most cases, direct deposits become available within one to two business days, while other transactions such as paper checks, mobile deposits, and external transfers may take longer to process.

While waiting for a pending deposit to clear, users can use the following features and indicators within the Chime app to track the status:

  • Color-coded system: Chime uses a color-coded system where gray text signifies a pending deposit, while green text represents cleared deposits.
  • Pending Deposits section: Users can view a list of pending deposits along with their transaction details by going to the “Pending Deposits” section in the Chime app.

It's essential for Chime users to be aware of the pending deposit timeframes and monitor their account regularly for any updates. In case of any discrepancies or issues, users should contact Chime support for assistance.

How Long Are Deposits Pending For on Chime?

Understanding the duration of pending deposits on Chime can help users manage their finances more effectively. There are a few factors that influence the time it takes for deposits to clear, such as the type of deposit and the initiating bank's processing speed.

For direct deposits, Chime generally makes the funds available up to two days earlier than traditional banks. The exact time will depend on when the originating bank processes the payment transfer, but it typically takes around three days for the funds to be available in the Chime account.

When depositing checks through the Chime mobile app, users can expect a processing time of up to five business days. However, it is worth noting that in many cases, the checks clear faster than this timeframe. The pending time for external transfers from non-Chime accounts, such as other banks or debit cards, is also around five business days.

To summarize, users can expect the following pending durations for different types of deposits on Chime:

  • Direct Deposits: Up to 2 days earlier than traditional banks, typically 3 days.
  • Mobile Check Deposits: Up to 5 business days (often clears faster).
  • External Transfers: Approximately 5 business days.

Keeping these timeframes in mind can help Chime users anticipate when their deposits will be available for use and plan their finances accordingly.

Why Is My Chime Deposit Late?

There may be several reasons for a late deposit to your Chime account. The most common is that the bank of your employer or payroll service provider is slow to process payment transfers. Payment days on weekends or holidays may also cause processing delays. The first deposit may also be slower than subsequent transactions.

Understanding these common reasons can help you to manage your expectations and reduce anxiety regarding the delay:

  • Processing Time from Employer: The deposit transfer speed may depend on your employer's bank or payroll service provider. Some banks can process and transfer payments quickly, while others may take longer. In most cases, deposits will be processed on the same day, but can take up to two business days to arrive at your Chime account.
  • Weekends and Holidays: Processing of deposits can slow down during weekends and holidays. If your payment day falls on a non-business day, your deposit may be delayed until the following business day. Chime doesn't hold funds from direct deposits and usually posts them as soon as they are received, but it may take longer to process during these periods.
  • First Deposit: It's common for the first deposit to a new Chime account to take longer than subsequent ones. This is often due to the initial verification process between your employer's bank and Chime. After the first deposit is successfully processed, future deposits should arrive more promptly.

Stay patient and keep an eye on your Chime account to track the status of your deposit. If your deposit experiences an unusual delay, it might be helpful to contact your employer or the payroll service provider to confirm that the payment was issued correctly.

You could also try to use Chime SpotMe.

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