7 Chime ATM Withdrawal Questions! (Quick Answers!)

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Chime is a popular banking app that is known for its user-friendly costs, including a free checking account, and no-monthly or overdraft fees. So when it comes to ATM withdrawals, you may be wondering about withdrawal fees and the different methods of withdrawing cash.

Let's dive into everything you need to know about using ATMs with Chime.

How To Withdraw Money From Your Chime Account Using An ATM:

With Chime, you can withdraw up to $500 daily from over 60'000 fee-free ATMs located around the country, which can be located in the Chime app via their ATM finder. If you don't have access to your Chime Card, then you won't be able to withdraw cash from an ATM and will have to use an alternative method to access your cash, such as a bank transfer.

What ATMs Can You Use For Free?

Chime offers fee-free withdrawals at supported ATMs. To find these ATMs, simply launch the ATM Finder in the Chime app and allow the app to access your location. A list of nearby fee-free ATM locations will be displayed. Additionally, you can get cash-back at select retailers, such as Walmart, Dollar General, and Target, without incurring any extra fees.

How Much Does Chime Charge Per ATM Withdrawal?

For in-network ATMs, Chime does not charge any fees. However, if you choose to use an out-of-network ATM or withdraw cash at a bank or credit union counter, a $2.50 fee will apply. Always make use of Chime's ATM Finder to locate fee-free ATMs to save on fees.

How Much Can You Withdraw From Your Chime Account At An ATM? (Daily Withdrawal Limit)

Chime imposes a daily withdrawal limit of $500 at ATMs. Note that this limit includes any additional fees associated with the ATM or bank where the withdrawal was made.

How Can I Withdraw Money From My Chime Account Without My Card?

In situations where you cannot access your Chime debit card or prefer not to use it, there are alternative methods to withdraw money from your account.

Transfer to a Linked Bank Account

If you have linked an external bank account to your Chime account, you can transfer funds between the accounts. Simply initiate the transfer in the Chime app and wait for the funds to arrive in your linked account. After the transfer is complete, you can withdraw the money from an ATM using your other bank's debit card.

Use The Pay Anyone Feature

Chime's Pay Anyone feature allows you to send money to friends or family members who can then withdraw cash on your behalf. This feature can be especially helpful if you are temporarily without your Chime debit card. Just ensure that the recipient has a Chime account or a supported financial institution to receive the funds.

How To Withdraw All Money From Your Chime Account:

If you're looking to withdraw all the money from your Chime account, there are several methods available. Each method has different limits and fees that you should consider before choosing the best option for your situation.

First, you can use a Chime debit card to withdraw cash from any fee-free ATM. To find the nearest ATM, open the Chime app, tap ‘ATM Map', and enter your location. Keep in mind that there might be daily withdrawal limits imposed by ATM owner-operators or Chime itself, so you may need to withdraw your funds over multiple days. To check your specific withdrawal limits, open your Chime app, go to ‘Settings', and tap ‘View limits'.

Another option is to utilize cash back features at participating retailers, such as Walmart, Dollar General, and Target. This allows you to withdraw cash while making a purchase, without any additional fees.

If you require a larger amount of money, you can get an Over The Counter (OTC) withdrawal at a bank or credit union by presenting your Chime debit card to the teller. This method comes with a $2.50 fee per transaction and has a daily limit of up to $515.

Lastly, if you have a high balance, above $25,000, and need rapid access to your funds, consider contacting Chime Support at 1-844-244-6363 or emailing them at support@chime.com. They may be able to assist you further with your request.

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