11 Best Books On Quitting Sugar in 2024 (for Beginners!)

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Sugar has been linked to the rising cases of obesity across the globe. No wonder all the latest craze in weight loss emphasizes the reduction of sugar consumed daily. 

The following top-rated books will help you cut the sugar in your diet and lose weight while eating sustainably and healthily.

  1. Top pick: I Quit Sugar
  2. Runner up: Year of No Sugar: A Memoir
  3. Also great: The Diabetes Code
Top pick
I Quit Sugar
This is part of Sarah Wilson’s highly successful series on eliminating sugar from your life.
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“I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook” features a step-by-step process of detoxifying sugar from your diet.

It contains explanations on sugar science, detox advice, recipes, and weekly plans that you can use in your journey.

Wilson used her experience as a health coach to help you lead a healthy life. 

According to her research, your sugar consumption can fuel your mood swings and lead to sleep problems, not to mention illnesses like diabetes and thyroid disease.

The book has over 108 zero sugar recipes, including full detox meals, sweet treats, and savory snacks.

Some of the ingredients mentioned require searching on your part but are still readily available if you know where to look.

Wilson’s 8-week plan is easy to follow and practical, guiding you on how to get over your sugar cravings. 

There are even straightforward suggestions using natural alternatives to tide your craving for sweets.

With flexible recipes and a plan that is easy to assimilate, “I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook” is a definite must-have.

Runner up
Year of No Sugar: A Memoir
This compelling no sugar diet book by Eve Schaub offers sage advice on how to live a sugar-free life.
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Written as a memoir, “Year of No Sugar” is Schaub's account of how her entire family survived a whole year without sugar, why they did it, and how much they accomplished.

The book delves into the secret world of sugar, shedding light on how much fructose content is present in your diet, from that pasta sauce you like to the baby food you give your young.

After reading books on obesity by experts like Dr. Robert Lustig, Schaub convinced her husband and daughters to join her quest to quit sugar for a year.

She talked about the dangers of following a sugar-heavy American diet, including obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Schaub's stories include tips and recipes for healthy living. Along the way, she debunked some of the nutritional advice and health fads many have been following blindly for years. 

“Year of No Sugar” touches on the real-life happenings of undergoing a strict diet within a family, taking in the discoveries and challenges.

A quick read, its learnings will stay with you for a long time.

Also great
The Obesity Code
“The Diabetes Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss” by Dr. Jason Fung is a landmark book on diet that has helped thousands of people worldwide.
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It advocates intermittent fasting as the answer for lasting weight loss, highlighting the reality of insulin resistance and elucidating why a low-carbohydrate diet is adequate.

You will understand the science behind your weight gain.

The book shares five fundamental steps to control your insulin by using intermittent fasting. 

By breaking the cycle of insulin resistance, you can reach your ideal weight that is healthy and will be for good.

A provocative book, “The Diabetes Code” explains why all those other diet fads will no longer suffice. Even with exercise, achieving lasting weight loss is not possible.

It contains recipes that allow you to enjoy a delicious diet low in carb and high in fat. 

Fund explained the primary causes of obesity simply and efficiently. His justifications are written in a way that anybody can understand.

This is an insightful book that you need on your bookshelf.

Breaking Up with Sugar
Molly Carmel's revolutionary book offers a foolproof plan on how to reclaim your health for good.
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In “Breaking Up With Sugar: Divorce the Diets, Drop the Pounds, and Live Your Best Life,” eating disorder therapist Carmel shared her journey to ending her sugar habits.

She detailed her 20-year battle with disordered eating, discovering that the reason behind her struggle is sugar.

As a highly addictive substance, sugar creates a physical and neural change that makes restraint impossible. 

This is the reason why it is bad for your health.

The book contains Carmel’s 66-day strategy design, complete with detailed meal plans to jumpstart your break up with sugar.

You will learn the seven crucial self-affirming pledges that you can depend on to end your cycle with unhealthy weight and dieting.

“Breaking Up With Sugar” is aimed at anyone who struggles with repetitive dieting, compulsive overeating, and sugar addiction.

Empathetic and honest, it promises to be your trusted guide in your new eating habits when times get tough.

If you are fed up with fad diets and want a lasting change in your life, you must read this book.

Zero Sugar Diet
A list of books on quitting sugar should not be without David Zinczenko’s best-selling original diet book.
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“Zero Sugar Diet: The 14-Day Plan to Flatten Your Belly, Crush Cravings, and Help Keep You Lean for Life” includes techniques on how to have a balanced diet without added sugar.

Bestselling author and wellness coach Zinczenko shared his simple steps on how to eat your favorite food while getting rid of unnecessary sugar.

His groundbreaking research reveals how added sugars contribute a lot to your weight gain, urging you to keep watch on what you eat.

The book talks about all the sugar food manufacturers can slip inside the stuff we ingest, even those we call “health” food.

You will learn how to replace empty calories with essential ones to overcome your cravings.

There are delicious and easy recipes that you can use, guaranteed to make you lose up to a pound per day.

“Zero Sugar Diet” contains everything you need, from a comprehensive grocery list and prepared meals to two weeks worth of recipes – breakfast to dinner.

It is a user-friendly guide filled with helpful information for your weight loss journey.

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It
This book by Gary Taubes investigates the reason behind your weight gain and what you can do about it.
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“Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It” covers the no-sugar diet science and presents a comprehensive action plan on how to curb your bad eating habits.

It answers vital questions on why some people are fat and others thin, what food you should eat and what to avoid, whether genetics has anything to do with your weight, and if exercise will make you lose bulk.

Taubes explained how your body processes sugars, carbs, and fats, providing fresh evidence on how they affect your health.

He probed the bad nutritional science of the past years, explaining what was wrong and what should be done to change it.

You will find an easy-to-follow diet and instructions on regulating your sugar intake.

Built on common sense and rigorous research, “Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It” will change your perspective on diet and calories.

It is an essential guide to nutrition and weight management.

Sugar Shock
“Sugar Shock: The Hidden Sugar in Your Food and 100+ Smart Swaps to Cut Back” by Carol Prager and Samantha Cassetty is your go-to book on how to be healthier without going to extremes.
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It explores how much unnecessary sugar you ingest and why your body craves it. 

You will learn how to identify the secret sugar traps in your food, reduce your sugar intake, and lose weight.

Prager and Cassetty created a quiz on how to get your sugar score and a seven-day tracker, so you know where you initially stand about fructose consumption.

There are also strategies on sugar zapping that you can try. These include the “50 Shades of Sugar” and the “Smart Sugar Swaps.”

“Sugar Shock” contains clear instructions on recognizing about 50 types of sugars hidden in the food you eat.

You will also get tips on how to trade up sugary victuals for healthier options.

The book is filled with excellent photos and graphics that you can use as guides on choosing the best breakfast, snacks, beverages, and baked goods for you.

It is a readable book packed with helpful information on improving your overall health.

Cut the Sugar, You're Sweet Enough: Cookbook
Ella Leche’s “Cut the Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough: Cookbook” is a practical guide on reducing sugar the healthy way.
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This is a cookbook with over 100 tasty and nutrient-dense recipes that you will enjoy without feeling deprived.

Each recipe comes with excellent photos, beautifully presented and shot by Leche herself.

You will find whole food suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There are also recipes for desserts.

They include fan favorites and many new offerings. 

Just like in her popular food blog, “Pure Ella,” Leche writes in an encouraging and upbeat tone.

Her approach is highly personal, citing her own battle with a rare illness. 

Leche opted to heal through food, eliminating sugar, dairy, and processed foods in her diet. She discovered that sugar was the culprit behind her frequent headaches and mood swings. 

After cutting off added sugar and unhealthy food options, she got her health back.

“Cut the Sugar, You’re Sweet Enough: Cookbook” will inspire you to eat healthier without quitting sugar entirely.

 It is a helpful book to have on your bookshelf.

Fat Chance
“Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease” by Robert H. Lustig is a pioneering book on the dangers of consuming too much sugar.
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It explores how sugar has created an epidemic of obesity, documenting the science and politics that have led to the crisis.

Lustig looked into the incidents of the late 1970s when the food industry pumped in more sugar to food items in answer to the US government's campaign against fat content on a diet.

According to him, the result is nothing short of disastrous, changing the Americans’ biochemistry and impelling eating habits out of control.

The book provides strategies to help readjust your essential hormones to regulate your hunger.

By eliminating the excess sugar in your diet, you can lose weight and recover your health.

Filled with scientific evidence on sugar's toxic and addictive effect on the body, “Fat Chance” offers a concrete solution to a severe societal problem.

It is a timely and essential book that needs to be read.

Salt Sugar Fat
Michael Moss wrote this honest investigation on the processed food industry and their part in the obesity epidemic.
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“Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” is a narrative exposing the truth behind America’s growing cases of obesity.

Investigative reporter Michael Moss, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, will take you on an eye-opening journey, visiting the labs of some of the most popular and lucrative food companies in the past decades.

These include Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Oreos, and many more.

The book reveals how big food manufacturers enhance their beverages and food items by adjusting the sugar content and manipulating the chemical structure.

It also divulges the marketing techniques by these corporations to divert health risk concerns to their products.

Moss interviewed executives who disclosed that producing a genuinely healthy alternative product is impossible without sugar, salt, and fat. 

Deeply researched and explosively presented, “Salt Sugar Fat” is vital reading to any food consumer.

If you need a book to convince you to quit sugar, this is the one for you.

Better Than Before
“Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits – to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life” uncovers the secret to a happier, healthier life.
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Written by New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, the book explains how your habits serve as the foundation of your everyday life.

While forming habits takes work, they are difficult to break off once they are set. If they are bad habits, this is where things become problematic.

Rubin presented a practical and solid framework for understanding your habits and changing them for good if needed.

These include quitting sugar, sleeping more, and procrastinating less.

She included real-life stories of those whose lives were transformed, including the experiences of her family and friends.  

“Better Than Before” is a compelling read on habit formation and how it is essential in leading a productive life. 

Compelling and insightful, it is a book that deserves your attention.

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