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Transfer From Webull To Crypto.com (Complete 2022 Guide!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: July 14, 2022
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As a crypto investor or trader, you've certainly heard of Crypto.com and Webull, and you're probably interested in transferring part of your assets to the other account, but you're having trouble doing so.

Don't worry, we have answers to all of your queries and more! We're here to help make the process of transferring money from Webull to Crypto.com as easy as possible for you.

How To Transfer from Webull to Crypto.com:

Unfortunately, there is no direct transfer from Webull to Crypto.com. You can still transfer your assets despite this, though. All you have to do is sell them in Webull and deposit them to your bank account. After that, you’ll be able to send them to your Crtypto.com wallet from your bank account.

The following is a step-by-step procedure for transferring your Webull assets to Crypto.com:

1. Locate the crypto that you want to sell to start selling it in Webull.

2. From the menu, choose “Trade” and then “Sell.”

3. Then, select the portion of the asset you want to sell before clicking “Sell” and “Confirm.”

4. After you've successfully sold the assets, go to the “Transfer” button at the top of the website and then click the “Withdraw” tab.

5. You will next be taken to a withdrawal form that has a list of all of your funds.

6. Choose a bank account that is linked to your Webull account.

7. After selecting the currency you want to withdraw, enter the value desired. then select “Withdraw” from the menu.

8. After successfully transferring money to your bank account, you must create an account on Crypto.com.

9. Connect your bank account to your USD Fiat Wallet by linking it.

10. Enter the desired USD deposit amount, being careful not to go above your daily limit.

11. Click “Confirm” after reviewing your deposit information.

You are now prepared to use Crypto.com with your deposited funds after finishing these steps.

Although transferring your cryptocurrency holdings can be a bit intimidating, don't worry—we've got you covered. Continue reading because this guide will teach you how to transfer your crypto assets from Webull to Crypto.com quickly and more!

How Long Does It Take To Transfer From Webull to Crypto.com?

Due to the fact that you cannot transfer Webull assets directly to crypto.com, you must consider the time required to transfer Webull to a bank account before transferring from the bank account to crypto.com.

Transferring Webull to your bank account can take up to three business days, whereas crypto.com only takes a few days! According to crypto.com, wire transfers from US bank accounts will take only 1-2 days. However, if you transfer via ACH, it will take 3-5 days for the funds to appear in your account.

In total, you should allow 5-10 days to transfer your Webull assets to your Crypto.com account successfully.

You should also consider the speed of your internet connection to ensure a smooth transfer process.

How Much Does It Cost to Transfer From Webull to Crypto.com?

Depending on the type of wire transfer you'll be using, there may be fees associated with withdrawing money from Webull to your bank account. Consider this before making a withdrawal from your bank account because domestic and international wire transfers in the United States have different fees.

Webull charges a fee of $25 per withdrawal via domestic wire in the United States and $45 per withdrawal via international wire.

When you transfer money from your bank account to your Crypto.com account, you will not be charged a fee. However, according to Crypto.com, your bank might impose an additional cost. Therefore, it is still crucial to consult your financial institution before starting a transfer.

Is Crypto.com Really Better Than Webull?

Crypto.com is better than Webull because it has a better platform and it's easier to use.

Webull has several features that Crypto.com does not, including the ability to watch stocks, trade futures and options, and view your portfolio at a glance.

You can also view the price of bitcoin in real-time on Webull. However, Webull lacks some capabilities that Crypto.com offers, such as the ability to rapidly move money abroad without any fees and swap currencies without any additional costs.

Additionally, Crypto.com's platform is superior to Webull's in terms of usability, aesthetics, responsiveness, and ease of navigation. Because of this, surfing the website will be simpler for you when looking at other cryptocurrencies, trading pairs, or even just managing your account!

Can You Transfer Crypto From Webull to Crypto.com?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer cryptocurrency from Webull to Crypto.com.

Webull is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you may exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies but not for fiat currency. As a result, Webull cannot send cryptocurrency directly to crypto.com. However, you can sell your cryptocurrency in Webull, withdraw it to your bank account, and then deposit it to crypto.com.

Can You Transfer Options From Webull to Crypto.com?

Webull users cannot move their options straight to crypto.com because the two companies are separate entities. Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency wallet, while Webull is a trading platform. They have distinct needs because they have different objectives.

Webull focuses on opening up choices to those who have never utilized them before. They provide a user-friendly interface that may be used efficiently without the need for advanced trading techniques or understanding of derivatives. 

On the other hand, Crypto.com concentrates on offering users a safe option to consolidate their currency holdings. They require a sophisticated architecture to manage numerous currencies and transactions simultaneously in order to accomplish this, something Webull can not yet provide.

Why Can’t I Transfer From Webull to Crypto.com?

Webull is a broker, whereas crypto.com is a wallet, hence it is not possible to transfer directly from Webull to crypto.com.

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency wallet that lets you save, transmit, and receive cryptocurrency using their mobile app or web browser. You may swap currencies right from the app or browser, thanks to the exchange that is incorporated into it.

Webull is a broker that enables you to trade on several exchanges from one interface simultaneously. Although they don't have any of their own wallets, they do give you access to a variety of wallets, so you may transfer money between them without having to sign in to each one separately.


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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.