How Humbled Trader made Me a Better Trader - Review

Jamey Muller
May 8, 2021
Humbled Trader Community Review

Humbled Trader Community


Course Quality
Course Comprehensiveness
Quality of Education
All in all, I find the community to be well worth it at $139/month. Humbled Trader doesn't only offer a community but also exclusive video lessons and live streams. She gives actionable advice that will help beginner and intermediate traders cut the steep learning curve trading comes with.

About The Humbled Trader Community

Humbled Trader claims that her community will help you become a better trader, “whether you’re an amateur or a serious trader, we provide the tools needed to hack the day trading learning curve. From awareness to mastery, our community is with you every step of the way.” So what exactly does Humbled Trader offer in her community, is it worth the money and who is the course best for? Read our in-depth review and find out.

Who is Humbled Trader?

Shay, better known as Humbled Trader, is a canadian day and swing trader. She first gained popularity through her youtube channel, in less than 2 years of making youtube videos she reached 500.000 subscribers. Shay’s motto is to stick away form all the Lambos, the luxury travel and partying you usually see on trading channels. Instead she wants to show her audience that trading and investing in the stock market is hard. Her audience loves her for that approach to trading. Combined with the fact that she’s one of the only female traders on youtube it’s no wonder that her youtube channel took off and quickly became one of the most popular day and swing trading channels on youtube. She first started trading back in 2014 and while she very much struggled to be profitabel at the beginning today she trades full-time from home and has an estimated net-worth of more $500.000.

Humbled Trader Community Pricing


The Humbled Trader Community is a monthly subscription service. Subscribing on a monthly basis will cost you $139/month. By subscribing on a 6-month-basis you’ll save 15% bringing the monthly costs down to $118, if you decide to subscribe for a whole year you’ll save 25% in total bringing the monthly costs down to $104/month. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. You can cancel the subscription at any time, however, Humbled Trader doesn’t offer any refunds.

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What You Get By Joining

When you first come to Humbled Trader’s website it can be a bit difficult to understand what you get by joining her community as there is a lot included. In the following, I’ll explain the different sections of the community.

Premarket Live Stream


By joining the Humbled Trader community you get access to exclusive premarket live streams. Humbled Trader and some of her coaches go over the expected events of the upcoming trading day and give you a daily watchlist with hot stocks. This is really helpful as it will save you some time researching, essentially it’s a briefing on the upcoming trading day. Obviously, you shouldn’t rely only on calls made in the streams but always do your research too before entering a trade.

Day Trading Live Text Commentary


This is essentially a live news ticker throughout the trading day. While Humbled Trader personally does the premarket live streams it’s mainly her coaches that run the day trading commentary. However, what from I saw, these coaches are knowledgeable and give good advice.

Exclusive Video Lessons

exclusive lessons

These exclusive video lessons are pretty much a full trading course. When I first joined the community I was impressed how comprehensive these video lessons were. They give you a good introduction to various forms of trading such as day and swing trading. The biggest advantage I found with this is that there are new lessons added on a weekly basis so you can be assured that the content isn’t outdated. If you have never traded before these videos will give you a good introduction to trading.

Swing Trading Room


The swing trading room is the most useful part of the community for me personally. When you have a standard nine-to-five job it can be very hard to get into trading as you won’t be at home during the standard trading times. This is where this chat room comes in. Swing trading, contrary to day trading, means that you hold a stock for more than a day. In this chat room, you’ll be able to find actionable advice and help in researching potential stocks.

Weekly Mentorships


Humbled Trader and her coaches do a weekly Livestream in which she explains her take on the current market situation, does a quick recap of the past week, and explains her targets for the upcoming trading week. The live streams get recorded and posted in the community in case you can’t make it.

Live Trading Recordings


By joining the Humbled Trader Community you’ll get access to live trading recordings from experienced day traders. This can be useful to see live trading in action. Most of the coaches do a really good job of explaining what and why they’re doing it. As it’s a live recording you’re able to see them live in action and can follow their thought process.

Daily and Weekly Watchlists & Updates

Humbled Trader publishes daily and weekly watchlists and updates in the community. Below I put together some examples for you to see how these watchlists and updates look like.

First, the weekly updates. They’re usually structured in 3 parts, how Shays’s personal last trading week went, a recap of the major events of last week, and the upcoming major events to look out for. This is a section of last week’s update (05.04.2021). Note: I got asked this twice already so to state this clearly: This isn’t the full watchlist & update there’s more to it but I don’t feel comfortable publishing her whole list here.

For this coming week, quite a few sectors could be in play. Semi-conductors are making moves led by the leaders NVDA and MU. Crypto/BTC names like RIOT and MARA are also looking decent and could get interesting this week. New York also passed the weed legalization bill, so that’s something we would be watching this coming week. NFTs hype could also pick back up again this week and that’s something we will be actively monitoring as well. Finally, it’s being reported that Archegos position size was bigger than anyone expected, around $100B, which is massive. We might continue to see some decent volatility in those stocks and will be looking to see if it triggers any dominos effect. In short, lots to look forward to this week! PM live planning tomorrow morning could be jam-packed!

Then there’s the daily and weekly watchlist she publishes in her community. Below I put one example of the weekly watchlist of 05.04.2020.


Key level is $8.75. Announced plan to file for bankruptcy restructuring and it started running from $4s to $15s on Thursday. Absolutely crazy. This is what happens when you trade obvious plays, in this case, shorting bankruptcy news. Barring any new catalyst, there might be just one bounce play left in ACY before the inevitable move back to the $4s and lower. If key level $8.75 holds, ACY could push back to $9.5, $10.5 and even back to VWAP close to $11.5. On the flip side, if it is unable to stay over $8.75, ACY begins its march back to $4s . No major bias. As mentioned above, could see one bounce but considering it has horrible news, only wait for confirmation of key level hold and only for a bounce play, not a long hold. That said, if it does show weakness, it is also a potential short back into bounces to $10.5s and $11.5. Position disclosure: No Position

Then there’s also the recap of last week’s watchlist.

PRQR “Key level is $8-$7.75. If PRQR can hold $8 and stay over, expect a push back to $8.5 and if that holds, it could head back to $9.5s. Over $9.5 it can head to $11. On the flip side, if it is unable to stay over $7.75, PRQR becomes a bit weaker and it’s heading back to $6.25 and $4.5 rest of the week. No major bias. Could be a bounce play around $8-$7.75 if that level holds at open for a push back to $9s and then $11s. But wait for hold confirmation and volume to come in.” Not as strong as I expected. Key level held at the open on Monday and it pushed to $8.5 but it then flushed and faded the rest of the week to $6.25ish once it went back under key level.

Community Quality

Overall the Community is well-produced and moderated. The videos and live streams are nicely done and easy to follow. The community is moderated well and you get regular reminders of the next Livestream. The video lessons are structured in a way that makes sense and is not all over the place. There are not a lot of custom graphics or anything very custom like that but due to the nature of the course, that’s not really needed anyway.

My Personal Experience

I first noticed Humbled Trader on youtube when she started popping up in my recommendations. I watched a few videos and began to like her videos for the “real” approach, she doesn’t pose with any fancy cars and sticks to trading in her videos. When I saw that she had a community I immediately checked it out and signed up for 1 month. I was surprised what was all included in the community, not only was it a private group but also video lessons like an online course. Usually, traders like to sell their courses and their private chat groups separately so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was all included for one price. Personally, I found the swing trading room to be most worth it for me. I still work 9-to-5 and plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Therefore the swing trading room proved best for me. There were some really good calls in there and it was well-moderated. The calls were easy to follow and were provided with an explanation. The video lessons were also helpful for me.

This community first seems expensive at $139/month but when you consider that you can try the video lessons, the live streams, and the private groups all for 1 month for less than a hundred dollars it seems almost cheap. Most other traders sell their courses for $1000+ and charge at least a hundred dollars a month for a simple worse-moderated single chat room.

Does The Humbled Trader Community Deliver?

I find the community to be well-wort at the beginning when you sign-up. For $139/month you get access to a number of things like exclusive video lessons and recordings. Once you went through all of them there are still the live streams and chat rooms that bring value with them. However, you don’t get as much out of it like at the beginning so you’ll have to question whether you want to remain to subscribe after the first few months.

Who Is The Humbled Trader Community Best For?

It’s best for beginner to intermediate traders that need guidance in the stock market. The community rooms and coaches can help you to focus on the right things at the right time. When beginners try to understand the market they often focus on the wrong things, the video lessons, live streams, and coaches can help you focus. If you’re more of an advanced trader this community might not be the best option for you as it is mainly tailored towards beginner and intermediate traders. However, if you have a similar trading style as Humbled Trader it might still be worth it for you. I’d recommend checking out her youtube videos and see for yourself whether you trade similar to her.

Is The Humbled Trader Community Worth The Money?

Most trading courses come in at a total price of $1000 and even though that’s a one-time cost it’s a big investment for most people. The Humbled Trader Community comes with a monthly fee of $139 which makes it much more affordable for most people to try it out. You could subscribe for one month, test the video lessons and the chat rooms and cancel the subscription if you don’t feel like it is worth the cost. What I found best with this subscription model is that you don’t have to commit too much money at first towards the course. You can always cancel the payment if you know that you’ll be busy next month and resubscribe afterward again. At $139 I find the community to be well worth it considering that it is not just a chat room but also video lessons and live streams. The community provides beginners with a low entry cost in contrary to most other trading programs. So if you would just like to try out a trading course this is a great option. However, all beginners should keep in mind that trading is a profession that takes most people years to only become profitable. While this community might cut your learning curve you’ll still need to practice a lot and shouldn’t expect this community to make you the next big deal in trading.

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Humbled Trader Final Verdict

All in all, I find the community to be well worth it at $139/month. Humbled Trader doesn’t only offer a community but also exclusive video lessons and live streams. She gives actionable advice that will help beginner and intermediate traders cut the steep learning curve trading comes with.


  • much lower entry-cost than most other trading courses at $139/month
  • you get a detailed weekly watchlist with key levels+
  • access to exclusive video lessons and livestreams
  • not only focused on day trading but also on swing trading for people with less time to spend


  • Humbled Trader is still pretty “new” to trading, she doesn’t have a tracking record of 10 years +, so her trading system isn’t fully time-tested yet.
  • While the entry-cost is lower than most other courses it quickly adds up, the annual cost comes in at $1248
Jamey Muller
Jamey is a 24-year-old living in Houston, Texas. He's an aspiring financial analyst with a passion for anything finance related. Over the last few years, he has taken many digital courses and read books on anything he's interested in. In his freetime he likes to hang out with his friends and likes to play video games.

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