Challenge yourself to learn French using a home-based course

Jamey Muller
May 7, 2021

Challange yourself to learn French using a home-based course

When you research the World Wide Web, you will probably encounter a great number of opportunities to be able to learn the French language, especially by means of home-based lessons.

Nevertheless, you may possibly question, why learn French rather than another language? All things considered, you will discover a huge number of languages to choose from. Learning French May be challenging, as you can discover as you continue to read the rest of this article.

You will frequently hear people declare that one language is simpler to learn than another, and there might be some truth in that, regardless if you are learning French on the internet, or by more traditional approaches. But each and every language has something challenging up its sleeve, ready to stop the student in their paths and lower their passion for learning the language.

French is simply the same – during some respects it is really an easy language to understand, it does involve some sticking points which will confront every student sooner or later and threaten to forestall their good intentions to learn the language. Let us briefly take a look at a few of these French stumbling blocks and at how a home-based French course may indeed help you get past them.

Spoken French comprehension can be a significant problem for many, even when you have been learning French for several years. Students come to the stage where they are able to understand written French respectably effectively, however when they hear spoken French they just seem not able to understand what has been said. The French language appears to be spoken very quickly, and its words run together. It seems to be a very different language from the French taught in school. Well, French speakers can easily understand one another; so of course, it has to be possible to comprehend what is being said. Genuinely, all students will come to understand spoken French, it merely requires practice, and that’s something not enough people have truly been provided, regardless of how good the courses they have went to. An effective home-based French course can expose you to spoken French each and every step of the way. It must provide audio recordings which will constantly motivate you to stay tuned to the language, even if it implies repeating the sentences and words over and over again until you get it.

Learners of French find pronunciation a major stumbling block. The pronunciation of French is significantly different in certain aspects from every other language, particularly other European ones. The nasal ‘-on’ and ‘-an’ sounds and the guttural ‘r’ are particularly problematic. An home-based French course can easily be a excellent help with pronunciation if recorded segments of key phrases, words and conversations are supplied. Usually this comes in the form of a button you are able to press to check the pronunciation of a word over and over until your mouse button wears out, and you can say the words just the same as on the recording. This definitely would not be possible if you were just learning French coming from a book.

French genders. French nouns are all either masculine or feminine. The catch is, it is hardly ever possible to deduce which is which. However it is important to know the gender of a word if you’re to correctly combine it with other words. As an example, in French a cat is not feminine (as no doubt most English speakers would guess) but masculine – le chat – and if you said la chat it just would not be correct, and a French speaker would notice right away. A quality online French course will assist you to with this particular aspect, constantly drilling you on the correct use of the gender, and all sorts of the other challenging aspects of grammar, so that in the end you are going to speak just as the French who of course use genders correctly without so much as a thought.

In all honesty, there are many more adhering points with regards to learning French. We haven’t even got onto the tenses. Even so the idea was not to discourage you against learning French. Any decent online course will tackle all these challenging aspects of the language and help you to get over them with very little anxiety as possible.

People will tell you that in a sense it isn’t really important which language you learn, just speaking any foreign language is a huge advantage. It greatly broadens your lifestyle, provides you with the opportunity to identify with people from various other cultures and finally, once you have learned one language it gets much more easier learning others.

So if you feel like signing up for a foreign language course, perhaps online, why choose French? Well, try these five reasons:

French has a great deal that resembles English. Were you aware that 30% of all of the words in the English language are derived from French? Which means you already know a large number of French words, you merely don’t know it. In the event you sign up to learn French online you are going to quickly realize that you understand plenty of French, which means understanding it can be quicker than a number of other languages.

French is one of the official languages of the EU. The European Union cannot make use of all 23 of the languages of its fellow member states for practical purposes, so they have what they call ‘procedural languages’. These languages are mainly used for communication in the EU, and they are German, English and not surprisingly French. Sign up for a home-based French course and you will have the opportunity to learn a language which is in the middle of European politics.

French is amongst the official languages of the United Nations. Likewise, the UN has six official languages, one of these being French. Learn French and you will then know a language of high-level international politics.

French is the key to learning other Latin languages. The French language originates from the Latin language, just like Spanish, Italian and several others. Work through a home-based French course and afterwards you will find it very easy to learn a comparable language such as Spanish.

Learning French improves your English. Learning any language improves your own feel for language in general. Additionally, when we use a word of French origin in English it has a tendency to have a ‘higher’ meaning. An ‘envoy’ is really just a messenger (from the French envoyer – ‘to send’), but is mostly used in international politics and diplomacy. There are several such examples but the point is the fact that learning a word in French will often also teach you or refresh for you the meaning of a ‘high register’ English word. So learning French can in fact have a positive impact on your English.

Right now there are lots more ways that learning French may benefit you, but hopefully if you are possibly considering purchasing up a home-based French course, we hope this article will have convinced you to take a decision and do it now. Have fun learning French!

Jamey Muller
Jamey is a 24-year-old living in Houston, Texas. He's an aspiring financial analyst with a passion for anything finance related. Over the last few years, he has taken many digital courses and read books on anything he's interested in. In his freetime he likes to hang out with his friends and likes to play video games.

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