April 2023: Humbled MBA Merges With Knowledge Eager

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Humbled MBA was a personal finance blog headed by Isaac Floyd. In April of 2023 Humbled MBA was merged into Knowledge Eager.

Some content from Humbled MBA has been archived here on this site.

What Was Humbled MBA?

Humbled MBA was the personal blog of Jason Freedman.

Jason Freedman is the founder of 42Floors and partner of Peak State Ventures.

Some of his best quotes are:

“Too many MBAs think that their education in business can be applied directly to startups.”

“You don’t find a technical cofounder, you earn one.”

“Figure out exactly what you need and just ask for it. Don’t play games, don’t posture, don’t hint.”

“Be yourself. Abnormal people create abnormal returns.”

“We don’t ever engage in some interview question process that has nothing to do with what it’s really like to work with us.”

“Product development is about figuring out the single most important problem that exists right now and doing that and only that.“

Jason's personal blog is no longer available, unfortunately.

However, in August 2022, Isaac Floyd relaunched Humbled MBA as a personal finance blog. Later, in April 2023, Humbled MBA was acquired and merged into Knowledge Eager.

What Is Knowledge Eager

Knowledge Eager was founded by Max Thum and focuses on online course reviews, such as Humbled Trader, Learn Plan Profit, or ZipTraderU.

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