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Grey X Next To Snapchat Name: What Is It? (Full 2023 Guide!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: December 24, 2022
5 min read

Like other messaging platforms, Snapchat continues to add more features to excite users. One recent update is the little grey X icon next to someone’s name on the chat screen.

So what does the grey X icon next to a Snapchat name mean? Read on to find out.

What Does The Grey X Next To The Snapchat Username Mean?

The grey X symbol that appears next to a Snapchat username indicates that you have not “snapped” or chatted with the person before and that you are not friends on the platform. Likewise, the grey X icon appears when a user has unfriended or blocked you on Snapchat.

While Snapchat has established itself as a well-loved social media tool, it has a reputation for being difficult to navigate.

In particular, the symbols that Snapchat utilizes can be baffling, especially among new users. Recently, the addition of a grey icon beside a username has caused confusion.

You should keep in mind that any grey color on Snapchat means that the action is pending. 

For instance, if you already sent a friend request to a user and the grey symbol remains, this only entails that they have not accepted your invitation yet.

There are Snapchat users who opt to keep their accounts private. Only their friends get to send them snaps and contact them.

It may also be the other way around, where the person sent you a request and you have yet to respond positively.

There have also been instances when you and another user have been conversing on Snapchat for a long time now, but have never added each other to your friend list.

Either way, the grey X simply denotes that you are not mutual friends on the platform.

If the problem is that you have not accepted the friend request yet, you can always change this by tapping on the person’s username and hitting the “Okay” button. 

You may also select the “Report or Block” option if you wish to not associate with the user on Snapchat.

If it is the other user who has yet to accept your friend request, a gentle reminder sent to the person should suffice.

Now, the decision to accept you as a friend on Snapchat is theirs. If for some reason, they do not add you, you cannot do anything about it.

Meanwhile, there are instances when an old friend on Snapchat suddenly shows a grey X icon. This can only mean that you are no longer friends on the platform. 

If you encounter a grey X on a Snapchat friend’s name, the chances are high that you have been removed from their friend list. 

You can still chat with the person who unfriended you. However, your messages will be under “Pending” in their Snapchat conversation.

This “Pending” status will remain until they accept your snap or make you their friend again.

Sometimes, the grey X may mean that the user has not only unfriended but blocked you.

If this happens, any messages you will send will not be delivered.

How To Fix The Grey X Next To The Snapchat Username: (Step-By-Step)

If the little grey X next to your friend’s username on Snapchat is bothering you, you can easily fix it by doing the following steps.

1.     Check first if you have accidentally unfriended the user or the other way around.

2.     Open your chat conversation and look for the Add icon.

3.     If you see the Add icon, it means you have removed them from your friend list, or you have yet to add them, or they have blocked you.

4.     If you are sure that you have not removed them by accident, the Add icon means they have blocked you.

5.     If there is no Add button and instead, you see a blue check mark beside the user icon, the person has unfriended you.

6.     To verify this, visit your Snapchat profile and tap “My Friends.” 

7.     If you cannot find them, you have been removed from their friend list.

You should note that Snapchat will not send you notifications if someone blocked you. However, there are ways to check.

If you suspect that a Snapchat friend blocked you, you may search for their username, or check your previous conversation. If you cannot find them or your chats, they have blocked you.

What To Do If You’re Friends And There’s Still A Grey X Next To The Name:

The only way to remove the grey X icon next to a Snapchat name is when you and that user become friends on Snapchat. If the symbol remains after you added the person to your friend list, the problem is with the other party.

While you can wait for the user to add you back, you may also contact them and remind them about your friend request. You can do this by using a different social media platform that you both use.

If the Snapchat user has added you as a friend, but the grey X icon remains, you should relaunch your Snapchat. There may be a glitch in the system.

The grey X should be gone after restarting the app. If not, there is no other explanation but your “friend” lying to you that you have already been added to their list.

If this still bugs you, you can reach out to the person again and ask for an explanation. 

No matter, even if there is a grey X beside your friend's username on Snapchat, you can continue to chat with them with no issues. You will still be able to send and receive snaps as you normally would.

Of course, not being mutual friends means missing out on some useful features on Snapchat. 

For instance, having them on your friend list entails being able to add them to Snapchat groups and sending them snaps and stories in bulk, anytime you want.

Who knows, if you become “Best Friends” on Snapchat, you will get to choose a special Friend emoji to be placed next to their names.

This latest feature on the platform is bestowed on those friends whom you snap and chat with the most.

If the user has blocked you, it goes without saying that you cannot snap or chat with them again on Snapchat.

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Jamey Muller
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Jamey Muller
I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.