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How To Delete Fiverr Account (5 Things You Should Do Before!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: July 14, 2022
6 min read

Fiverr can either be a hit or miss as a reliable income source for freelancers. When sellers despair about not getting work, they tend to delete their accounts permanently and try their luck on other platforms. 

This guide will teach you how to delete your Fiverr account.

Here’s How to Delete Your Fiverr Account: (Step-By-Step)

Fiverr’s customer support team can delete your account upon request, but you need to start the process on your end first. You should deactivate your Fiverr account by clicking on your settings, and then choosing a reason for account deactivation. The support team will take it from there.

You should note that the process of permanently deleting your Fiverr account is permanent and cannot be reversed. 

If you have any files on your account that you think you will need in the future, you need to review your orders and messages before making the request.

You must log in to your Fiverr account and click on your profile picture to initiate the process. You will see this in the upper right corner of the site.

This will open a menu. You should go to the Settings, and then select an explanation on why you want your Fiverr account deactivated. You can find the dropdown menu at the lower part of the page.

Indicating a valid reason is mandatory, so you need to provide details in the “help us become better” box. 

Once done, you only need to press the account deactivation button to shut down your Fiverr account.

If you still have available funds on your Fiverr balance or earned revenues, you need to withdraw the money before your account can be closed.

Can I Reopen My Account Again?

You cannot reopen a permanently deleted account, but if it is just temporary deactivation, Fiverr will process your request, and you can have your account back.

Just know that even if your accounts become reactivated, all your former gigs will have been deleted. You can try contacting the Fiverr support team to try and get those gigs back.

Fiverr usually deactivates accounts due to a lack of user activity. If you want your account back, you need to send Fiverr an email, but there is no guarantee they will grant your request.

Fiverr will reply to you every time you send an email within 24 hours. If the support team does not find any issue with your account, it will get reactivated after 24 hours of your request.

Your account will also get suspended if you violate rules on the platform.

When a seller complains about their account suddenly disappearing, this is usually because they breached Fiverr’s terms of services (TOS). 

You should avoid violations by carefully reviewing the TOS before signing up on the platform. 

Only Fiverr’s customer support team can help you with your account reactivation. You can use the profile approval email to reach out to them.

Once you have the reference link, you will be able to send an email to the support team, so they review your account and process your request.

Fiverr will send you an email describing why your account cannot be reactivated if there are issues with your account. You should reply to this if you want Fiverr to reconsider.

Can People Still See My Fiverr Profile Once I Close My Account?

Yes. Other users on the platform will still be able to see your profile even after you close your account.

Fiverr does not automatically remove the information of deactivated accounts. Your public photos, feedback comments, and messages will remain for others to see.

However, you have the right to demand that Fiverr erase the entirety of your data on the system. You only need to send an email to the help group to process your request.

On your email, include your email address, contact number, and message request regarding the permanent deletion of data on your account.

What Happens to My Fiverr Balance When I Close My Account?

By default, you cannot close a Fiverr account if there are remaining funds. The money has to be refunded or withdrawn before the account is deactivated.

However, there are instances when a seller account gets suspended because of a violation of rules on the platform. When this happens, their revenues get stuck.

If this happens to you, you may send a request to the Fiverr support team so you can get access to your funds.

After a full ownership verification of your account by the Fiverr team, you have to wait for 90 days before you can withdraw the money. Of course, this is still subject to Fiverr’s approval.

Can I Reuse the Same Email Address to Open a New Account?

No. You cannot reuse the same email address you used to open a new account on your previous account.

If you think you will need to make another account on Fiverr in the future, you should change your email address first before deactivation. 

You need to go to your profile settings and enter a new email. Once you save your changes, you will receive a message to your existing email regarding the address change. 

You only need to confirm the change. After that, another message will be sent to your new email address to finalize everything.

Those with verified phone numbers on the platform will receive a confirmation of their new email address. After clicking on the link, they will receive an SMS code to wrap up the process.


Can You Make a New Fiverr Account After Deleting One?

You can create a new Fiverr account after deleting your old account. The process is the same as when you did it the first time.

All accounts created on the platform are buyer accounts by default. You only become a seller once you decide to offer services to prospective clients.

To create an account, you need to navigate to Fiverr's homepage and click “Join.” You will be asked to enter an email address. You may also join using your Facebook, Google Connect, or Apple Connect account.

At this point, you need to type in your username for your account. Note that usernames cannot be changed, so you have to choose wisely as this will be your displace name on the platform.

Once you have chosen a password and clicked “Join,” you are now registered on Fiverr. 

An email will be sent to your registered email address that contains the link to activate your account. This link is only valid for 30 days.

When your account is fully set up, you may activate your seller account by clicking on your profile and selecting “Become a Seller” from the dropdown menu.

You will be directed to a different page. Click on the “Become a Seller” option again to start the onboarding process. 

Fiverr will ask you to watch a series of videos on becoming a seller on the platform. You will also be directed to the site's tips on creating a successful profile and what you should avoid as a seller.

Afterwards, you will have to complete mandatory fields on your work experience, training, and skills.

If you want to link your social media accounts, you can do so. This may help upgrade your credibility as a seller and help Fiverr feed you with potential sales.

Finally, you need to phone verify your account. 

You should know that having multiple Fiverr accounts is against the platform's TOS. If found guilty, all your associated accounts will be banned.

Fiverr only allows one account per user. There are several ways the system detects if a seller has multiple accounts. 

Fiverr's system will determine if you use the same device or the same Internet service to routinely manage both accounts.

Having two accounts paid by the same PayPal or Payoneer account is also a clear giveaway of what you are up to.

In general, deleting a Fiverr account is not always a good choice. If you feel frustrated because of a lack of gigs or poor reviews, this is not a reason to close your account.

What you should do is improve how you present your gigs to gain the attention of potential buyers. You should figure out why you are not securing sales and fix the problem.

When you delete your old account, only to create a new one not long after, you are subjecting yourself to the same tedious process of building your profile and earning credibility for your skills.


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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.