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62 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Cash! (Full 2023 Guide!)

Jamey Muller
Updated: December 23, 2022
12 min read

Many opportunities are available to make money as a 13-year-old, and including the Online World more options are available than ever before, and now is the perfect time to learn financial responsibility and maybe even start building a future career!

Online Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Money:

Create A Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube channel enables you to gain exposure to a worldwide audience, by creating unique content that can be monetized through ads and membership programs. If you're passionate about something, then why not give it a try?

Create A Blog

Creating a blog may seem like hard work, but if you're passionate about a topic, then why not write about it? Blogging will improve your technical and writing skills; and can be a lucrative way of making money. 

Designing Websites

Web designers will focus on the appearance and layout of websites, making sure they fit client expectations. It's a great career path to start, as it encourages independence, and is a growing industry that's expected to raise 27 percent by the year 2024!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writers produce written text for their clients. It's a great way of improving your writing skills and can be a lucrative online career path. It's best to start by deciding on a niche that you're passionate about, then build a portfolio of examples, and reach out to potential clients. 

Streaming Games

Streaming games and making some money is the majority of teenage dreams, but with the right approach, those dreams can turn into a reality! Platforms such as Twitch and Youtube allow streamers to earn income from streaming, and advertising games and appliances on their channel, and although it can take some time to attract an audience, it can be well worth it, and a highly lucrative career path!

Tutoring Children

If you're competent in a subject and can assist others to learn, then online tutoring can also be a great way of making money! This may include helping younger kids with homework (not doing it for them), classmates struggling with topics, or even teaching adults to read English. You'll be surprised at how many opportunities are out there. 


Printable products are a viable method of making some money online. This may include worksheets, art prints, stickers, flyers, logos, lesson plans, and so on. You can create them using online tools such as Photoshop and Canva, then upload your printables to marketplaces such as Etsy and wait for purchases.

Create Reviews 

Do you enjoy listening to music? Well, it's now entirely possible to make money through reviewing Platforms such as Slice the Pie, that allow users to set up an account, and write detailed reviews, which can earn you some cash!

Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys can make a decent income. Sites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks work by sending market research surveys to complete in exchange for cash. Start by registering and filling out your profile and you can then find surveys relevant to you. 

Create Illustrations 

Do you have a creative side? Well if you do then sites such as deviant art are aimed at emerging and established artists, who can share and charge for their work, and the option of paid subscriptions for your fans!

Online Influencer 

If you have passion, experience, and drive then why not share it with the World? Online influencers use social media to establish a community, promote brands and persuade people to act on their recommendations, therefore earning an income for doing so. 

Virtual Assistant on Social Media

If you're reliable, have great communication skills, and are fast acting, then being a social media virtual assistant might be an option for you. Your role is to offer administrative support and complete specific tasks, such as managing and monitoring content posted on a platform. There's a lot to learn at first, but with the right determination, it can prove a great option to make money online! 


Designing and Selling T-Shirts

If you're good at designing and target the right market, then selling t-shirts can be a great way of expressing your creative side and making money at the same time! You can create your design in an image editor such as Pixlr or Photopea, and then upload them to sites such as Printify, and start selling.

Voiceover Specialist 

If you have a unique or pleasant voice, then you might be able to use this to your advantage, by voicing cartoon characters or audiobooks. You can find online opportunities and create audio samples of your voice, and if you're selected, start from there! 

Marketplace Selling

Advertising products on online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay can be a highly lucrative money maker. An optional idea is to attend yard sales, pick up some bargains and make some extra cash by selling them online. 

Real-Life Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Money:

Dog Walking

A dog walker will safely transport dogs to and from their homes, allowing the elderly or those at work from having to do it themselves. This generally pays more money than pet sitting, and is a great way to get some exercise, too! 


If you're a responsible person, and good with children, then babysitting is an option for you. It's best to start with people you know, such as friends and family, and then you might be recommended to other people, and before you know it, you've got a nice side income.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a job that requires high levels of responsibility and commitment as you'll be caring for animals on a routine basis. You'll need to provide food, water, allow them outside, and give some love and affection while their owners are at work or on holiday. 

House Sitting

A house sitter will watch over a house while the owners are away, such as on a holiday, or for business. House sitting has a high level of responsibility, as jobs include making sure plants are watered, animals are fed, collecting the mail, and so on. 

Delivering Newspapers

Delivering newspapers a few times a week is a nice way of making some money as you can walk around your local area and deliver papers in the early mornings or afternoons, and if you have a bike, even better! 


Working as a background actor on film sets is a great way to learn about this industry, and you never know, if you catch the casting director's eye, you may be upgraded to a primary role! To find the availability you can research local talent agencies where you will be able to find available commercials, TV shows, or movies.

Create Craft Items 

If you enjoy drawing and painting then you can create craft items and sell them locally at art and craft fairs, enabling you to network and take requests from community members, potentially building up a nice income!

Helping Family Members

If you’ve family members needing chores done for them, whether that is washing up or hoovering the house, then this can be a nice way of making a steady income. Once they see how handy you can be, you might be able to extend your use to outside the house. 


If you’re skilled at baking, then you can advertise your services locally, and find opportunities to bake for community events, ending up with huge orders of cakes and cookies! 


If you're photogenic, love style, and feel at home in front of a camera, there are a plentiful amount of companies that hire young people to support and promote their products through modeling. 

Working For The Family Business

With some working conditions, which may include reduced hours, a 13-year-old is legally allowed to work for their parents' business, so if you get the opportunity, then why not give this a chance, as it might lead to a secure and prosperous career path down the line! 

Lesson Assistant

A lesson assistant will work with the primary teacher and assist as required. For instance, if you're proficient at reading music, then assisting a keyboard class may require you to circle the students and help them with their music reading and playing. 

Skateboard & Bike Mechanic 

Bikes and skateboards are everywhere, and if you’re experienced in fixing them, then why not turn this into a way of making cash, by becoming the local hotspot for ordering items and making repairs? If you do a good job then word will quickly spread and you could have a lucrative way of making extra cash! 


Taking work on a farm is another fruitful way of making some cash. You'll assist farmers with feeding and watering animals, cleaning their living areas, and maintaining and harvesting crops. 

Shoe Shiner 

If you learn the tricks of the trade and have the correct tools, and network your services, then as it’s recommended to shine shoes after 8-10 wears, you’ll have a steady flow of work!

Music Teacher

If you’re proficient at an instrument and can relate to younger children, and also have a guitar or piano handy, then teaching music can be a great way of making a side income. 

Summer Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Money:

Mowing Lawns

During the Summer months, people want their lawns freshly cut, looking great for get-togethers such as barbecues, garden parties, and so on. If you have the right equipment and know how to safely use it, then you could spread your services throughout the local community! 

Washing Cars

Car washing can be a fantastic way of making a Summer income. People want their cars to shine in the sun, but are often too busy to do it themselves, and if you have the skills to do a good job, you could potentially network around the community and earn some decent cash!

Golf Caddy 

You won't be hired by golf clubs at 13, but if you come from a golfing family or know of people who regularly go to the local golf club, then you’ll be carrying and switching out clubs, replacing divots, holding the flag, and various other duties. 

Selling Bottled Water

During the Summer months people get thirsty, and if you find the right location, such as Summer sporting events, craft fairs, and so on, then selling bottled water for profit can be a profitable option!  

Junior Camp Counselor

If you enjoy planning and helping with events and activities, then why not try out being a junior camp counselor. This includes assisting camp staff members with setting up and overseeing various activities. To be successful you'll need to have good childcare skills and knowledge of the activities you're overseeing.


If you enjoy dressing up, acting, dancing, handing out flyers, and various other activities, then this might be the perfect job for you! You can often find work at schools, for professional sports teams, and various brands, and you'll make a lot of friends along the way! 


An umpire is a good option to make some extra cash if you thoroughly understand the game you want to officiate, and can closely observe players and enforce rules accordingly. You can look for positions at various Summer camps and local sporting events. 

Maintaining Pools

Many people want clean pools for the Summer months, and as pool owners usually have the required supplies, all you have to do is get them to show you the cleaning process, such as how to vacuum the sides and floor, and you can repeat it for each pool you clean.

Yard/Garage Sales

Local garage and yard sales are common over the Summer. You can rummage through your old toys, games and so on, check out what they’re worth, and make some serious cash! 

Summer Tutoring

Summer tutoring is a great way to help younger students retain what they have learned, whether this be reading skills, math proficiency, or musical notation. If you're skilled in a subject, and advertise your services, then you can bet that there will be parents willing to let you tutor their children. 

Ice Cream and Lemonade Stand

Who isn’t happy to see an ice cream and lemonade stand on sweltering Summer days? You can also add other treats for additional purchases! However, before opening your stand, remember to check local rules and guidelines of where you can set it up. 

Painting Household Structures – fences, walls

If you can afford a paintbrush and paint, then painting house structures is a viable option for the Summer months. It's best to start locally, and if you do a good job, you could find yourself painting fences spread around the local community!

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be a lucrative money maker throughout the Summer months. You could start by cleaning your own house windows, and you’ll probably get noticed by the neighbors and passers by, and might be able to get more jobs this way! 

Watering Plants

Plants need taking care of over the Summer, and you’d be surprised at how many people have houses full of plants and forget to water them effectively. Spread the world around and you might find yourself a decent side hustle! 

Gutter Cleaning

The Summer months make for the perfect time to pounce on gutter cleaning around the neighborhood. However, you’ll need to understand the required safety precautions before doing so. 

Seed Selling

If you have good knowledge of seeds, then during the Summer you can knock on local doors and explain the benefits of the seeds you’re selling, and are bound to make some money! 

Winter Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Money:

House Work

There’s plenty of houses that need cleaning and maintenance over the Winter Months. You can ask your parents if you can do chores for money, and get them to ask their friends for work! 

Car Snow Remover/Snow Shoveling 

Especially related to areas with large snowfall, you could take care of your neighbors by shoveling snow, and salting their driveways and paths! 

Christmas Tree Remover

Get paid to help remove Christmas trees and their decorations from people's houses. This can prove very lucrative in the latter part of December! 

Cleaning Garages

If you aren’t afraid of dust and debris, then cleaning out garages is a great option, as during the Winter people are going to want to free up some space for extra storage! 

Gift Wrapper

If you can flawlessly wrap gifts, then you might be able to do so for family and friends over the Christmas period, and if you spread the word around, you’d be surprised at how many locals might want your services! 

Log Splitter

If you live in a rural area where people use firewood over the Winter, then splitting and delivering this to houses could prove nice for your wallet!

Making Winter Clothes 

Winter clothing is a steady money making option. If you can knit and sew, then you can make jumpers, stockings, scarves, hats, and the list goes on! 

Hot Drinks Stand 

Seeing a hot drinks stand can be a huge morale booster during the colder months. It’s as simple as selling hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate and finding a profitable location such as the town market or a Winter event. 

Scraping Ice Off Of Cars

Scraping ice off of cars can be a lucrative money maker during the Winter months. You might have to get up early in the morning, but there’s plenty of people who want to go to work without the hassle of having to de-ice their vehicle! 

Helping The Elderly 

The elderly are going to find it more difficult to leave the house during the colder months, and if you have a caring nature, then running errands and catering to their needs is something that could earn you money. 

Raking Leaves 

Raking leaves requires lots of energy, but during the early Winter you’ll find plenty of them that need raking around your community, as it’s best done before the frost arrives. 

Gift Basket Creator

If you’re creative and can make presentable and fashionable gift baskets for various types of people, then this is a lovely side gig for the holiday season! 

Plant Sitter

Plant sitting is a real thing, and involves real work. You'll be feeding, watering, misting, and trimming away dead leaves, amongst other duties such as fending off unwanted insects.

Selling Hot Soup 

There's nothing like a cup of hot soup on a Winter's day, and if you sell hot soup at community events such as Winter festivals, then you could make some extra cash during the fall months.

Winter Camp Helper

Working indoors and outdoors, a Winter camp helper helps teachers with activities, assisting with games, other duties, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participating children.

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I'm the head-writer @ Knowledge Eager (or, in plain English, I'm the guy writing the majority of the content here). Addicted to the stock market, football, sushi and tacos.